Occupy Hong Kong

The leadership of Hong Kong Kong’s democracy movement agreed to have a formal dialogue with the government on Monday, October 6. Representatives from the two student groups leading the protests, Scholarism and the Hong Kong Federation of Students, attended a second round of preliminary talks with a government official late Monday. One of the main leaders of the democracy movement is Lester Shum from the Hong Kong Federation of Students, who set the terms for any future talks between the government and protesters in a Monday meeting with a government official.

I think that it is good that the protesters and the government are finally talking together and making terms and deals. I think that this is a good thing because it is much better for the protesters, the government, and other citizens. This is because the protesters don’t need to stay out on the road all day and night anymore, which means they can return to school (most are students) or work or just when they were doing before. It is better for the government because they don’t need to keep dealing with the protesters and the blocked roads and all the stopped businesses and they can deal with it in a much more calm, discrete way. It is better for citizens because people can go back to work, kids can go back to school, and there will be less traffic or other complications.

I am curious about when the protesters will completely stop and go home, because there is no need to keep occupying the roads in Hong Kong since they are now negotiating with the government. I am also curious about how the government is going to respond to all of the terms of the protesters. I am going to find this out by checking the news more often and by talking to my parents, because they probably know a lot about what is going on.


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S.S. Unit 1 Reflection

This unit, I learned about the different ways that geographers show information on maps and the different types of maps and what they are used for. I learned that the five tools that are used on all maps are: a grid, compass rose, scale, key/legend, and a title. I also learned that all flat maps of Earth have distortion because the Earth is round. I also learned the many different types of maps, for example: vegetation maps, economic maps, topographic maps, etc.

In the survey, I said that one of the things I enjoyed most in this unit was playing the games such as taboo. I think this because it was a lot of fun, a lot more fun than just spending the whole period working on our packets. But it also helped me learn the vocabulary quickly and in a way that I would remember it.

I received the the gold Bartolome De Las Casas Badge. I agree with this because I only got one AE and the rest ME, which means that I couldn’t get the Neil Armstrong Badge because I didn’t get any EEs and I got one AE, but I wouldn’t have gotten the Ferdinand Magellan Badge because I would need to get more AEs. I think that I got the right badge because that level is suppose to be mostly or all MEs, and that’s what I got. I also agree with getting a gold because I think that I have good work habits. I always listen in class and I turn in my assignments on time, and I studied a lot for this test, even if I got an AE.

Something that I did to study for the test last unit was I practiced writing responses to the questions and getting advice from Mr. Pierce on how to improve. This worked well because I got to see how well I could do at the beginning and then I got feedback so I knew what I could work on. I kept revising and editing my paragraphs so much that I think it cam out really well and it was really easy for me to write it when it came to the actual test. Something that didn’t work well was reviewing some parts of the packet. I think that it might have been that I didn’t spend enough time on reviewing the packet, but I missed a couple things that I probably would have gotten correct if I had studied the packet better.

Since one of the things that caused me problems in the last test was most likely because I didn’t study the packets enough, my goal for the next unit is to really pay attention to the packets and make sure I know those things when we are learning them instead of trying to cram all those vocab words a couple days before the test. That way I will have more times to study for the other parts and I will also be able to remember and understand the information from the packet more easily.

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