Champions Relfection

The thing that I liked most about our Champions project was that we had so much freedom to do things on our own. I liked how there was an outline but there weren’t strict steps for everything. One of the things that I really liked in this project was when we got long periods just to work on whatever we needed to get done. I really liked this because we had a big chunk of time to focus and finish everything up.

I think that something that helped me learn well was the peer checks that we did. This really helped me because I was able to get a lot of feedback from others. I was able to get feedback  from another point of view that I had that I had never really thought of, which helped me make my work a lot better.

Something that I found really hard in this unit was the timeline. This was hard for me because there isn’t a lot of information about Melinda Gates because not many people know who she is. This made is really hard for me to find things about her and then to find important events in her life.

If I were to do this project again, I would choose somebody who is a little more famous than Melinda Gates. I would do this because, like I said before, the research was a little hard for me since Melinda Gates is not very famous. I think that if I choose somebody who is more famous, I can find more information on him/her, and can improved my work.

I think that next year, facebook should be an option for a free choice instead of a mandatory assignment. I think this because since there was a template it was pretty easy to accomplish, easier than the other assignments.