Animal Farm Multimedia #2

Theme: Selfishness and Intelligence = Power (Service among the farm < Only caring about yourself)

In the book Animal Farm by George Orwell there has been a common recurrence of when a character is selfish they instant power, and the opposite goes with animals that try to help the farm.


In the drawing that I drew it showed a skinny Napoleon and a buff Boxer both members of the animal farm. However one is selfish (Napoleon) and one isn’t (Boxer). It later continues with Napoleon gaining weight and power while Boxer is died. Napoleon got this power by being selfish. If you think about it when Napoleon made the Chickens give up their eggs he basically murdering them for food when they were in need. This may sound good however the outcome was the farm getting less food and the pigs getting even more. Boxer however was an good horse that only cared about the Animal Farm, and look where it got him a one way ticket to the horse slaughter. You know who made it so that boxer would have to die? Napoleon. He probably thought that Boxer was dead weight and eating the food when he didn’t deserve it, or that Boxer could possibly start an uprising to over throw him, for Boxer was highly respected. To be honest I think Napoleon is more selfish then you believe. Remember how I said that the uprising thing, and that Napoleon has so much more food then the rest of the Animal Farm. Well my theory is that Napoleon is in fact thinning out the Animals so that there is less of a chance to over throw him. The more animals their are the higher chance there are to overthrow him. Therefore Napoleon kills without even thinking twice. He killed Boxer, beheaded the Chickens and almost murdered Snowball.

I feel as if this is true in someways with us today, because sometimes you have to do something that would benefit yourself and screw someone else. Just like what Napoleon did to the farm.