Sculpture 2016 coil pot


2) My coil pot represents the sand of time, because it represents how life is laid out. When ever something good happens something bad contrast it as if life is balancing out. Thats why I have circle in the coils, because it represents how bad things happen. Instead of having everything smooth there were lumps cir

3) This is really different from my lantern, because lanterns and my coil pot at completely different meanings. My coil pot was meant to mean sand of time, while my lantern was suppose to be a fun exercise helping us learn more about how to make a lantern. On top of that they look totally different my coil pot look like well a coil pot, while my lantern looks like a million year old lantern.

4) To make it bigger because I thought it seemed a bit small compared to my peers. The one thing that i should have done is instead of putting so much slip (wet clay) and making it crumbly but to leave it be, because my lantern looked like it was going to crumble into pieces. I other thing that I could have changed is make the coils thinner, unlike mine my peers had some of the thinnest coils. I think it’s because the had a lot more patience then I did, because I tried to rush it and tried to finish it as soon as possible while they were taking their time rolling their clay.

Sculpture: Book Art

Photo on 3-10-16 at 8.27 AM Photo on 3-10-16 at 8.26 AM #3

2) I feel as if my final book art sculpture went the way I wanted. My original idea was to first cut out fish like things on very right. When I cut it out I made sure that they had words that was really key to the story such as: Get Wise, Get Wealthy, and Get On With Your Life. After that my first idea of cutting fishes with words I was going to just color it. Until mr. lee told me to add touches such as have a hook, because the front cover has a hook on it. On top of that he told me it would be nice to blend it in with the fishes. Thats why I have a seaweed, and nemo like fishes.


1. Photo on 1-15-16 at 8.48 AM #2

2. They is my 2016 sculpture art book that I made today.

3.  In order to make this you need a lot of patience. When we had to make this we needed to hammer a nail threw the book so that we could later on have a string tying it together. The reason I say you need a lot of patience is because if you hammer it too fast there’s a chance you could possibly injure yourself; and if you hold it wrongly you could not only injure yourself but other people too. I found the hardest thing about making the book was tying it all together. I think the only reason I found it hard was because I wasn’t very aware of where I had put my fingers and would always stab myself (luckily it wasn’t very sharp). You had to go threw the hole then back up, and being the person that I am I didn’t realize it.

4. I think there are tons of reason why it would be beneficial, but I don’t have time and space to tell you all so i’ll explain one idea… You value it more than ever. What i’m saying is that if you bought a sketchbook that was lets say 20 dollars, you would value it in terms of how much money it cost. Don’t get me wrong, yes you would have your ideas, thought, feeling, and everything on this sketchbook; however you could have the same experience with a self made sketchbook. Not only did you make it, but you have a more bound with it. Like me the pin always poked me, and when I look at this book when this elective end I can say this art book was worth it; instead of saying this 20 dollar is worth it. I’ll make another one of these.

5. Maybe to make sure I know my surroundings, so that I don’t poke myself again.

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Statue of Liberty by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi


This one of the biggest attraction in New York America, if not the biggest. This is a statue that brought peace to two of the biggest nations France and America. This statue was made out of copper, so much copper in fact it’s equal to 30 million pennies. The reason why I find this statue so interesting is because this one statue was able to bring peace, and restore France and Americas as friends. I find this statue extremely interesting, because the full name of the statue is Liberty Enlightening the World; I find it interesting because the meaning of the statue is that this statue was suppose to light up the world even in the darkest time. Or even lightest days. This just proves that this art can keep help countries be good friends and keep an alliance, but also an attraction that many people fly all the way there to say “wow”. This in innovation. A masterpiece.

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin


The thinker shows a nude male figure at about life-size sitting on a rock with his chin resting on one hand as though deep in thought. I find this very majestic because it shows that everybody need to think have a moment to just think. Think about the past, present, and future. This bronze sculpture is intended to be image represent philosophy. And i think they did a good job.