Picture of my sketchbook


2.) To make the book, we first got two thicker sheets of paper to make the cover. We then took one of our sheets of paper and glued it onto one of the covers. We then got the other thick sheet and did the same. Then we got all the sheets and folded them to fit inside the cover of the book. After we made holes every 3cm in the spine of the book. We did this by placing nails every 3cm and hammering them down to make a hole in the paper. We then got string and a needle, and sewed the pages in so they wouldn’t fall out. Then finally we started to design the covers and make the book personal.

3.) The purpose of our sketchbook is to write down ideas. We can ‘sketch’ any ideas we have, plan out our projects or even just doodle. I think the sketchbooks are something that we can have as ours and put anything art related in it.

4.) I think the purpose of making a sketchbook rather than just buying one is so that we can feel that this is our sketchbook, and that we created it. It should feel personal.

5.) I am not sure what I would do differently to make this sketchbook. I think that it is created simply, efficiently and timely.

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