PBL Reflection

1. What traits did you see in yourself throughout this project?

I saw perseverance, hope and creativity in myself because my project would break a lot. We had to re-attatch and re-glue and re-silicon everything at least 5 times. I saw creativity in myself because there were a lot of bumps that we hit throughout this project but we seemed to overcome them. One of the bumps we came across was how are we going to get the food/liquid to go up into the Large Intestine. We overcame this obstacle by putting a pump to suck up the water.

2. Why is collaboration and teamwork impotent in problem solving?

Collaboration and teamwork are both extremely important when working in a group of other people.Collaboration and teamwork means that you work well with other people. This is important because you can’t get something done with other people unless you work well with them.

3. Which video do you like most why?

I liked the video about the minions because I think that this connects to the PBL unit the most because, like Mr. Bourque said, if your not part of the solution your part of the problem.

This is the video about the minions trying to work together.

Samir_16_Water Cycle

The Hydrological Cycle also known as the Water Cycle is when water from the oceans evaporates. This happens because the heat from the sun causes the water to turn into water vapour and rises into the form of a cloud. Then condensation takes place, this is when the vapour in the clouds cool down and becomes water again and the cloud gets heavy. Then there is precipitation. That is when the water falls down from the clouds in the form of water, snow, hail or sleet. The precipitation could either go fall on a mountain or go back to the ocean/ body of water. If it lands on the mountain side the runoff will go back into the body of water. If it is a snow-capped mountain it will be quite cold up there and the ice or snow will turn from a solid straight into a gas, this process is called sublimation. Some of the runoff water will go down into the soil and create ground water, this is called Infiltration or Percolation. This is the process of the Hydrological Cycle, commonly known as the Water Cycle.