My Mystery Mania Presentation

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Don’t Look Behind You

By: Lois Duncan

Samir’s Mystery Book Presentation

All the seventh grade students had read a mystery book, and this was their chance to make one of their mystery characters come alive – for the camera! The character of  April Corrigan from the novel Don’t Look Behind You by Lois Duncan was (well) portrayed by Samir Sadhwani.

Samir’s time management of for his oral presentation was okay. His presentation was 2 minutes and 17 seconds. He went over the time limit of 2 minutes by 17 seconds. He could have shortened his presentation and made exactly to 2 minutes. He went over by 17 seconds because he got nervous and kept on stuttering. Even though he used dramatic pauses for effect sometimes he dragged on for too long. Samir’s voice I think could have been louder at some points of his presentation but most of the time I thought he was well heard. I think sometimes he was a bit too soft because he had stuttered. For his presentation I think at some points he was a bit monotone but at the end I felt that he put in a lot of energy when he was acting like April complaining. Throughout the presentation I felt that Samir tried to incorperate a varitation of tone to engage the audience but not too much.

For Samir’s physical presence, at some points I could feel that he was April, especially when he was talking about Steve Chandler. I felt that if he wore the wig that he had the opportunity to wear his physical presence would have been better but I think that he didn’t wear it because he was a bit shy or nervous. I think he regrets not wearing the wig. I noticed that in his performance he kept on shuffling to the sides, I think that if he didn’t do this it the audience would have been more focused on his performance rather than his actions. I think that if at some points he portrayed the voice of the character it really would have sucked in the audience.

Over all  I think that Samir did okay. If I had to tell him what to work on I would tell him that he would need to not pause for too long and that he should try to get more in character. I think Samir did a decent job.