SML Reflection Post


I chose writing as my topic, because I’ve been writing for a long tim,e and have been looking for a way to incorporate my current project into my schedule, in order to make more progress. I’ve really liked the experience so far, and I’ve learned a lot about , however, I frequently struggle with procrastination and writers block. My project has not changed since the, beginning in terms of the topic and what I’m working on, only plot points in my story. I’m really proud of my progress, because I’ve really improved as a writer since I first started working on this specific project (grade 6)

I feel very creative during SML, because when I write, I discover new ideas, and find ways to bush boundaries.

I’ve learned a lot about literature, namely post-modernist literature, during my SML time. I’ve also learned that I’m at my creative best when surrounded by people who share my interests, and are really motivated with their writing. Because of this, the SML structure really helps.

Courage key concepts: Reflection

During this unit, I learned more about he concepts of identity, stereotypes, prejudice, and racism.

In the beginning, thought prejudice was almost the same as racism, a bias against someone because of their race, but then I learned that it was deeply linked to stereotypes, because it was judging someone before you know them based on race, not having a bias against someone, stranger or otherwise, due to their race.

My idea of what ‘race’ was also changed a lot. Before, I thought it was ethnicity and culture, but in the end I realised the classification of race, and the emphasis on ethnic differences came from the olden days when emphasising those differences would justify actions such as slavery in America,  or the Holocaust, because these differences caused non-white people (When talking about the aforementioned examples) to be deemed inferior, and possessing inferior traits, wen in face a white person and an asian person could be more similar (in genetics, appearance, and personality) than two white people.

While in most places, it is no longer a matter of rules or an legal discrimination, I think that race definitely shapes our social, and perhaps even professional experiences. It shapes how others see us, because due to stereotypes that are extremely prevalent within the media, we tend to make pre-judgements about people due of their race, even if only for a split second, with no ill intentions.

Our ideas of race often influence of choices when interacting with others, because some stereotypes tend to make people wary about certain topics around people of certain races, and even cause them to be scared in certain situations around people of certain races, due to extreme misconceptions and generalisations about a particular race.

each of our classmates also gave presentations about a time they’ve experienced prejudice or racism. This was also something new, because there tends to be an idea in society that only minorities can ever face discrimination or prejudice, but it was clear from the presentations that it’s simply not true. It all depends on who you’re around or the culture of where you are, and anyone can face prejudice, no matter how small.

Overall, I really enjoyed this particular unit, because I got to learn a lot more about the civil rights movement in America, a time where many people faced prejudice, and about my classmates’ own experiences.


Competence Unit reflection



Overall, I think that I did really well on this unit. This is because during most of the year in Social Studies, I’ve been getting mostly ME’s and occasional AE’s. However, during this unit, I aimed to get EE’s which I did on my PSA, as well as parts of my essays. In addition, I’ve gotten al ME”s on the multiple choice portion of the tests, and on some tests missed none of the questions.

What I would have done differently next time would be to improve on communication in my essays. I got mostly ME, but never got EE on any of them, though I got EE’s for knowledge. What I was missing was that my essay wasn’t engaging, even if it did contain a lot of information and specific details.

The study strategies that worked best for me were taking detailed notes on each chapter, and highlighting the key concepts. Sometimes, because I took so many notes, I would skim over details that would be on the test, but that was in my earlier assessments  and I eventually was able to use elimination and logic to find the correct answer on the multiple choice. What didn’t work was putting too much detail in my notes, because it was time-consuming and some of those details didn’t matter eventually, and so it meant I would be wasting review time.

Next time if there is a test, I feel that I would use the same method of note-taking, but digital, because it would take less time.

I definitely feel more competent, in that I understand a lot more about the US GOvernment system, why it is designed that way, it’s origins, as well as about the Constitution and amendments, the reasons for the amendments, and how they apply today.

My advice for Mr. Pierce’s students next year on this unit, would be to take notes for yourself, and not for the grade. That means don’t take notes a certain way because you’ll get a good grade on the notes themselves, but take notes that will help you do well on the test. Another piece of advice would be to not stress over taking notes on long chapters, and instead to try and space out your time, and not waste too much time on taking the notes rather than reviewing them.


Quarter 4 Goals

Writing goal:

My writing goal for quarter 4 is to apply new vocabulary from my Wonder Words Wall and use it in my writing. My evidence will be a google doc that will have the vocabulary word, the sentence that I used it in, and what piece of writing it was.

Reading goal:

My reading goal is to read at least one science fiction book, one memoir, and one classic (traditional literature). My evidence will be my Reading Log.


Photo on 6-6-16 at 1.57 PM #2

Spring Parent Conference Reflection


Photo on 8-3-16 at 12.12 PM #2


During my Language Arts conferences, my parents, Ms. Bevear and I discussed my strengths, as well what steps I could take to improve all areas of my learning during and outside of class. We mainly focused on self-reflection, and in addition time management, and risk taking. We discussed that I should pay attention to the feedback I receive, and to apply it to my work, which I will now be conscious of whenever I am returned a formative or summative so that I can use that information in future work. I mentioned time management in regards to my reading habits, and how it has been lagging since the beginning of the semester. In order to change this, I’m going to set aside time every night before bed so I procrastinate. Finally, we discussed that despite the fact that I know advanced vocabulary, I hesitate to use it my my writing and tend to play it safe. I will now start to take risks regarding my vocabulary and try out new words in my writing.

1) My starting point was using the spiral technique to build a small base, which would be the ‘feet’ of my sculpture. I used the spiral technique for the entire construction of my design.

2) Since my pot it dressed in a tuxedo, I think it’s an expression of my more humourous  side, because while most of the other pots are animals, something anthropomorphic, or otherwise just a pot with an intricate pattern/detail, mine is ‘dressed up’ in clothes, which is more meant to be funny than it is to be galmorous, though that is also a welcome effect.


3) Pottery is still very relevant, as we use pots and containers for storage each day. In the modern world pottery with certian desgns are a means to make a fucntional item something pleasing to the eye. There is also the fact that pottery can be purely visual, and people today of course still like to have decor in theri house.

4) Li Lihong portrays change and fusion in his work, the the blending of both traditional Chinese and contemporary elements, such as Chines patterns mixed with recognizable logos and forms. The message could be a reflection of his life, and on a bigger scale, the world as it is ever-changing and forming in new ways.

5) Form is much more prevalent in LI Lihong’s work. While it is possible to use some of these pieces as a functional item, such as the pots, it is clear that the shape, patterns, and colors of the work are more important, as he makes sculptures that are things like the McDonald’s logo.

6) Even though I made sure that there was some sort of funcitonality to my piece, such as checking that the insides were stable so something like flowers could be put inside, the main focus was the form. Making sure that it didn’t lean, that the walls were as even as possible, as well as the deails, were the most important part of my pot.



Popsicle stick reflection: Final

Photo on 7-10-15 at 10.10 am #4 Photo on 7-10-15 at 10.10 am Photo on 7-10-15 at 10.11 amPhoto on 7-10-15 at 10.10 am #4Photo on 7-10-15 at 10.10 am #4 Photo on 7-10-15 at 10.10 am Photo on 7-10-15 at 10.11 am3) Our original design was very different. We were not inspired by anything in particular, we just wanted to try out an a concept that we thought was interesting, which was alternating the amount of sticks used in a layer. We eventually realized that it wasn’t anything original or interesting in particular, so we decided to change it. We ended doing another concept that sparked our interest, which was shifting the popsicle sticks each time to create a spiral design.

4) What really helped us was first off, learning how to balance the sculpture so it wouldn’t lean/tip over, and more importantly was learning how to space the popsicle sticks to achieve the right spiral effect. There were some off moments, but for the most part the illusion was succsessful. We weren’t able to make it as high as we wanted it to be, however, because of the time limit. We also needed to learn how to achieve the illusion effect with materials that were stiff, and couldn’t move or bend very much or at all.

5) Our quality over all was good, however some of the spacing is uneven, resulting in gaps. Next time we would try to be more precise.

6) There is no function, but more aiming towards an optical-illusion type sculpture with the spiral design. It is purely decorative.

7) We could definitley learn to be more attentive towards smaller details, such as planning out the spacing of the popsicle sticks.

Quarter 2 Goals

My writing goal for quarter 2 are to use the words from my Wonder Words Wall  in my writing more often. I will bold them, or use some other indicator in my writing as proof, and they will also be on my WWW as evidence that they were new vocabulary words.


My reading goal for quarter two is to read 5 books from these genres: Non-fiction, Historical Fiction, Autobiography/memoir, and realistic fiction, because I mostly read fantasy. My proof will be my reading log and Wonder Words Wall when I record them down.

Ceramic Lantern Reflection


There was no particular inspiration for the deign, but I felt like doing something funny that day so i decided on a popular internet image, o ‘meme’, that’s used to annoy people. Since Ceramic objects can be quite annoying to keep intact and mould, I thought it was quite fitting.


The three most important elements were structure, stability, and the scratch + slip method.