Oral and Written Sample – Intermediate 2


我们给一个旅行社电话问他们如果他们找一个航空去新加坡。所以他们查航空,他们找很多的航空去新加坡不过很多的航空太贵了!旅行社的人告诉我们,“国泰航空可以给你打八折!这个航空是直飞,往返,好吗?” 我和我的朋友高兴极了因为我们最喜欢执飞航空因为直飞航空比转机不有很多时间。我们订两个机票,一个靠窗户,一个靠中间。我得靠窗户的位子因为我最喜欢靠着窗户睡觉。我们也定一份素餐因为我的朋友不喜欢肉。


SS Competence Unit



Paragraph 1: What study strategies worked best for you? What strategies didn’t work?


Throughout this unit I have tried many different study methods and each study method came out with a different result. For every section I wrote out notes for every chapter but each section I wrote my notes differently. For Chapter 6, I only wrote notes, I used some color to highlight key points but I did not reflect on those key points which led to me getting a lower score than I hoped on the chapter 6 multiple choice test. For chapter 8, I knew that I needed to improve my note taking. So, I decided to divide the important information into different sections so that it would be easier to remember. In addition, I wrote a bunch of questions and answers that I thought would be on the test so I could study them. These study methods did me well and I ended up getting everything right on the test. For chapter 9, I decided to try a new strategy. Instead of writing questions down at the end of my notes, I decided to write summaries for each chapter so that I can easily reflect on what I learned and so I can see if the information really stuck. Unfortunately, I did worse on this test than I did on the chapter 8 test. Although I did get an ME, I think that I could’ve done better. Overall some strategies that I tried worked and didn’t work but I tried as many strategies as I could and overall writing questions really seemed to help make the information stick to my brain.


Paragraph 2: What advice do you have for Mr. Pierce’s upcoming students?


Throughout this unit I learned a lot about which studying tricks worked best after attempting to try different strategies to make my tests the best they can be. Overall, my advice is to always review the chapters after you take notes on them to make sure that the information sticks to your brain. In addition, write a quiz for yourself because it helps you reflect over all of the chapters and helps youreflect and learn extra information that you are stuck on.



Literary Analysis Paragraphs

-Cite sources for definitions

-Don’t put a period next to ‘by’ before writing the author’s name

Dystopian novel summaries

-Don’t put a period next to ‘by’ before writing the author’s name

Spring Parent Conference Reflection

Photo on 8-3-16 at 11.31 am

During Parent conferences I noticed a lot of things that I needed to work on and I also identified how to work on them. Some of the big things that I need to improve on are to listen, keep my word wall updated, and avoid reading the same genre over and over again. I decided that to keep up with my word wall I need to stop at every chapter and write down a few words so that I don’t forget to write down words. Furthermore, when I feel myself losing focus on someone who is speaking, give the person eye contact and avoid fiddling with pencils. Another main thing that I noticed that is starting to become a problem is that I do not try my best on newsela.To fix that I will read the entire paragraph/essay and then skim read when answering the questions to avoid any big mistakes. I also noticed that I am not taking action on feedback,  Ms. Bevear said that a way to organise my feedback was to write it down in a blog post or on a google doc so that I can look back on my previous feedback while I am writing.

LA Goals


Quarter 2 = So far this year I have been reading daily for half and hour and sometimes more, but this quarter I would like to strive to read more on the weekends. Instead of going on my computer I can read in my free time because I am a slow reader and I would like to surpass the goal of 36 books this year. If I start reading more, this will effect my reading log and word wall as there will be more books written down and more words written down.



Quarter 2 = For the first quarter I think that my writing suffered because of my grammar and sentence fluency. My goal for this quarter is to do some more noredink so that my grammar and sentence fluency in my writing improves to make my writing better.

Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.26 pm

Next time to improve I could have a stronger introduction and try not to use any filler words.


Approaches to Learning

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For this quarter my goal is to work on my word choice. I will try to take the words from my word wall so that my writing has a richer word choice. To do this I will highlight at least 3 words when I am writing practice essays/narratives and change them to a word that better describes what I am trying to say. To show this I will take photos of my writing before and after I change the words.


For this quarter my goal is to work on newsela. Recently, I have been struggling with newsela which means my reading comprehension is suffering. To do this every week I will do another newsela story. To show my progress I will take a picture of my progress board to show how I have grown

Goals Rubric

Photo on 6-6-16 at 1.59 pm #2


Approaches to Learning

Photo on 6-6-16 at 1.59 pm

Grade 8 Writing

Photo on 21-9-15 at 11.16 am Photo on 21-9-15 at 11.15 am



Photo on 14-10-15 at 11.16 am Photo on 14-10-15 at 11.15 am Photo on 14-10-15 at 11.15 am #2




Photo on 5-11-15 at 12.09 pm Photo on 5-11-15 at 12.08 pm #2



Photo on 5-11-15 at 12.09 pm #2 Photo on 5-11-15 at 12.10 pm




Photo on 26-11-15 at 12.33 pm #2 Photo on 26-11-15 at 12.33 pm




Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.20 pm Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.21 pm #2 Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.21 pm Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.22 pm #2 Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.22 pm



Reflection: I think that a strength that I had in this essay were the points that I used to prove my main point and the amount of specific details that I added to support it. I think that next time I need to cite more sources and get references from different reliable sources.


Photo on 18-2-16 at 11.39 am

Approaches to Learning^

Dystopian novel summaries

Photo on 17-3-16 at 1.59 pm #2 Photo on 17-3-16 at 1.59 pm Photo on 17-3-16 at 2.01 pm #2 Photo on 17-3-16 at 2.00 pm #2 Photo on 17-3-16 at 2.00 pm Photo on 17-3-16 at 2.01 pm



The Outsiders Literary Analysis Essay

Photo on 16-5-16 at 12.16 pm #3 Photo on 16-5-16 at 12.16 pm Photo on 16-5-16 at 12.16 pm #2


In this essay I think that I was very successful with the way that I took action on feedback. Whenever I got feedback I would immediately try to fix it and I think that it turned out to be quite successful. In addition, I think that I was able to organise my essay well enough so that each paragraph was structured the same way and that the whole piece flowed correctly.


I wish I had more variety with sentence structure. Sentence structure was something that I tried to vary in this essay but I wish that I could’ve spent more time looking at my sentences and analysing my conventions. In addition, there were a few spelling errors that I did not catch but next time I would like to make sure that I go through my writing enough times so that I am confident in my spelling throughout the essay.


Modern Macbeth Text Messages

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.56.58 pm



DEJ Summative

Photo on 1-6-16 at 12.13 pm


Macbeth Brainframe

Photo on 6-6-16 at 1.58 pm

Grade 8 Reading

“Popularity” Reading Formative

Photo on 14-9-15 at 12.38 pmPhoto on 14-9-15 at 12.39 pm


“My First Conk” Reading Formative

Photo on 21-9-15 at 11.18 am Photo on 21-9-15 at 11.17 am


I am pleased with how I organised my test as now if I am answering a problem it is easier for me to identify where things go and how my answer should be structured

Something I am challenged with is trying not to be so repetitive to prove my point and explain different elements that prove the point and not repeat the same sentences.


“Chinese Cinderella” Reading Formative


Photo on 12-10-15 at 2.07 pm Photo on 12-10-15 at 2.08 pm Photo on 12-10-15 at 2.09 pm


I am pleased with how I explained my answer because I think that for every question I really explained my opinion. In addition, I am pleased with how I organised and colour coded this test. I think next time I could use less repetition and explain my point in more than 1-2 ways if possible.


Reading Formative

Photo on 26-11-15 at 12.44 pm #2


Reading Summative

Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.25 pm #2 Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.24 pm Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.24 pm #2

I think that a strength I had during this assessment was that I was very organised with my answers. Next time I think that I can improve by adding more detail and supporting my answer more.


Book Club Reflection:

Z for Zachariah by. Robert C. O’Brien

I think that so far in my book club we are creating a lot of the same predictions and when we have different predictions it is really cool to hear the explanation and connect and either disagree or agree. I think that we should work on listening to each other more rather than just thinking about what we want to say next. I am very happy with the amount of details that I have been able to pick up on and look more in to to increase my reading comprehension.


Book Club Reflection #2: Some strengths that I think my group and I had were that we stayed mostly on task and we kept our eye contact for the majority of the conversation. In addition, I think that we tried to dig deeper into each others thoughts which really helped the conversation thrive. Some weak things that happened were that sometimes during this conversation we both got a little side tracked and I let myself get distracted by other people which is something I need to improve on. Overall I think that I could work on going a little bit more in depth with my stickies that I make and asking people questions about their thoughts.

A strength that I think that we had in this book club talk were that we mostly stayed focused. Furthermore, I tried to stay focused on the book without going onto a different conversation.


Photo on 18-2-16 at 11.40 am


EHIC video rubric and reflection

Photo on 21-4-16 at 11.14 am

Some of my strengths for this video was that I had good use of quotes that made my video stronger and let out even more of a message. In addition, I think that the volume and power of my background music made an effect on the video because it seemed to go with what I was saying as I was saying it.

Some of my weak points for this video/things I need to work on making sure that all of my images are not pixelated and make sure that the angle and use of the photo makes sense. In addition, for some reason when I put my video on the pictures it chopped my head off so next time I need to work on avoiding that situation and rerecord if I identify a problem.


Photo on 5-5-16 at 11.58 am #2 Photo on 5-5-16 at 11.58 am


Reading Formative

Photo on 19-5-16 at 2.04 pm


Shakespeare 400

Photo on 1-6-16 at 12.14 pm


Reading Summative

Photo on 1-6-16 at 12.14 pm #2 Photo on 1-6-16 at 12.15 pm



Wonder Words Wall



An Abundance Of Katherines  by. John Green

Immersing – When someone deeply involves their self in an activity

Extricated – To free someone or something from difficulty

Hirsute – Hairy

Malign – Speak bad about someone

Taut – Pulled Tight

Awestruck – In awe of someone or something

Diatribe – When you bitterly verbally attack someone or something

Apathy – Lack of interest in something or someone

Cadence – Rhythmic flow of words

Dichotomy – A division into two parts

Indelible – The marks of a pen or marker that cannot be removed

Remnants – an amount of a greater part after that greater part has been destroyed/used.

Vaunted – brag about or praise something

Contusions – a bruise

Ensconced – settle in a comfortable place


A Work In Progress by. Conner Franta

Accustomed – usual

Coincided – for something to occur at the same time as something

Inexplicable – unable to be explained

Distaste – mild dislike

Gregarious – a person who loves company

Scrutinising – inspect closely

Stifled – someone unable to breath properly

Engulfed – powerfully effect someone

Sidled – walk in a timid manner

Trepidation – feeling of fear/anxiety

Broaching – raising a difficult subject for discussion

Pragmatically – dealing with things in a sensible way

Visceral – relating to deep feelings

Fixated – to be fixed on an opinion

Protrudes – extend beyond a surface

Glean – to obtain information from various sources

Hinder – to make it difficult to do something or make it difficult for something to happen

Cusp – a pointed end where two curves meet

Succumbing – a fail to resist pressure

Bane – a cause of distress

Facade – a deceptive outward appearance


Vocabulary Quiz 1

Photo on 8-9-15 at 11.40 am #2 Photo on 8-9-15 at 11.41 am


Red Queen  by. Victoria Aveyard

Imp – a small mischievous devil/spirit

Roving – a sliver of cotton/wool/other fibers

Disdain – the feeling when someone/something is not worth someones respect

Gait – a persons way of walking

Afoul – into conflict/difficulty with

Glean – to obtain something from various sources

Preening – (bird) cleans feathers with it’s beak

Benevolent – well meaning and kindly

Impregnable – unable to be captured

Menagerie – a collection of wild animals kept in captivity

Rapt – being completely fascinated by something

Assailant – a person who physically attacks someone

Voracity – wanting/eating great amounts of food

Hasten – be quick to do something

Stoic – a person who can experience pain without showing it

Rudimentary – limited to basic principles

Dully – lacking excitement

Atone – make reparation

Demure – a woman who is very reserved/shy

Tremor – a quivering movement that you cannot control

Deplorable – completely unacceptable

Respite – a short period of rest and/or relief from something

Trepidation – a fear about something that may happen

Arcing – a part of a curve

Chides – to scold


Vocabulary Quiz 2

Photo on 17-9-15 at 2.12 pm Photo on 17-9-15 at 2.13 pm



Vocabulary Quiz 3

Photo on 25-9-15 at 2.00 pm Photo on 25-9-15 at 1.59 pm


Countdown by. Deborah Wiles

Fervour – passionate feeling

Spindly – tall/thin

Tousles – make something messy (mostly a persons hair)

Satchel – a bag carried on the shoulder by a long strap

Meandering – following a winding course

Leprosy – a contagious disease in the skin

Inquisition – a period of intense questioning

Lain – past participle of lie

Impending – be about to happen

Waif – a homeless/abandoned person

Flitting – move swiftly

Jocular – humorous/playful

Reverent – feeling/showing deep respect

Morose – ill-tempered

Keeled – a steel structure on the base of a ship

Melodious – relating to a melody

Pilfered – to steal things of little value

Aberrant – departing from an accepted standard


Every Thing On It by. Shel Silverstein

Tapioca – starchy substance in the form of tiny white grains

Sup – take (a drink/liquid food) in sips or spoonfuls

Brook – a small stream

Aquiver – trembling

Frivolous – not having any purpose/value

Bough – main branch of a tree

Mink – a small semiaquatic carnivore native to North America and Eurasia

Dank – unpleasantly damp/cold

Rowdies – noisy/unorganised

Cyclamates – a type of salt that is sometimes used as artificial sweetener

Mulligatawny – a spicy meat soup that originated in India


Carrie by. Stephen King

Immutably – unable to be changed

Writhed – to make squirming movements

Stolidly – showing little emotion

Grotesquely – comically ugly

Vexing – to make someone annoyed

Bovinely – affecting cattle

Bereavement – to be deprived because of someones death

Irrevocably – not able to be changed

Vacuous – showing a lack in intelligence

Magnanimously – generous/forgiving

Carburettor – a device in an engine


Vocabulary Quiz 4

Photo on 23-10-15 at 10.48 am #2 Photo on 23-10-15 at 10.48 am


Vocabulary Quiz 5

Photo on 5-11-15 at 12.08 pm Photo on 5-11-15 at 12.07 pm


Whatever Happened to Janie? by. Caroline b. Cooney

Linoleum – a material consisting of canvas

Buffer – a person or thing that reduces a shock

Cassettes – a sealed plastic unit containing a length of audio tape

Agony – extreme physical/mental suffering

Hearse – a vehicle for conveying the coffin at a funeral

Fretted – feared

Mystified – someone who is utterly bewildered

Floe – a sheet of floating ice

Exonerate – someone to absolve someone from blame from a wrongdoing

Somber – dark in color/tone

Pompous – affectedly self-important

Morally – concerned with the rules of right and wrong behaviour

Hostile – showing/feeling dislike

Irritably – showing a tendency to be easily annoyed

Swathed – wrapped in several layers of fabric

Impenetrable – impossible to pass through

Rube – a country bumpkin

Derelicts – in poor condition due to the effect of disuse/neglect


Paper Quake by. Kathryn Reiss

Compelled – to force someone to do something

Obligingly – willing to be kind

Exulted – show/feel triumphant

Matted – tangled in a thick mass

Morbid – abnormal interest in things

Reverie – a state of being lost in thoughts

Drudge – a person forced to do hard work

Confide – telling someone a secret and trusting them

Ledger – collection of financial accounts

Insinuated – to suggest something bad indirectly

Festooned – a chain of flowers, etc. hung for decoration


Vocabulary Quiz 6

Photo on 26-11-15 at 12.32 pm #2 Photo on 26-11-15 at 12.32 pm



Crossed  by. Ally Condie

Cartography – practice/science of drawing maps

Elation – extreme happiness

Contraband – things that have been imported/exported illegally

Viable – the ability to be successful

Infrared – radiation

Curt – rudely simple/brief

Kinship – blood relationship

Primitive – very basic in terms of comfort/convenience


The Calling by. Kelley Armstrong

Acrid – unpleasantly bitter (usually a scent)

Reverting – to return to

Regressing – return to an old or less developed state

Intermarried – people of different groups (race, religion, etc.) get married

Interrogating – to ask questions aggressively

Unsheathed – not protected by a covering

Feigned – insincere

Incentives – something that encourages/motivates someone

Conjure – to cause a ghost/spirit to magically appear

Ghoul – an evil spirit

Topper – a machine that cuts the tops of weeds

Wry – using a mocking type of humour


In a Heartbeat by. Loretta Ellsworth

Palominos – a tan colored horse

Ragging – a low quality newspaper

Immunosuppressive – supressing the immune response of a person (a drug)

Purgatory – having the quality of cleansing

Prognosis – the likely course of a medical condition

Gaze – a steady look

Reel – a lively folk dance

Mesmerize – capture the attention of someone

Regal – fit for a high class


Don’t Look Back by. Jennifer L. Armentrout

Plexiglas – a transparent plastic

Skittish – an animal that is easily scared

Falter – lose strength

Ominous – giving the impression that something bad is going to happen

Reckoned – establish by calculation

Vigils – a time where you try to stay awake

Facade – the principal front of the building

Grimace – a twisted expression

Scrutiny – critical observation

Pristine – in it’s original condition

Vivid – producing powerful feelings/images

Hierarchy – a system where people are ranked based on status

Heinous – someone who is wicked





Z for Zachariah by. Robert C. O’Brien

Mirage – an optical illusion caused by conditions of the atmosphere

Gauge – an instrument that measures the amount of something

Carbine – an automatic rifle

Fescue – an amount of narrow leaved grasses

Briskly – energetic

Culvert – a tunnel carrying a stream

Meander – something following a winding course

Shambles – a state of total disorder

Upholstered – provide something with a soft covering

Evasive – tending to avoid commitment

Oblong – a flat figure with unequal adjacent sides

Mollified – reducing someones anger/anxiety

Delirium – a disturbed state of mind


Unbroken by. Laura Hillenbrand

Avuncular – resembling an uncle in kindness

Melee – a noisy fight

Incipient – partly in existence

Dirigible – a type of self-propelled aircraft

Abort – to destroy before (something) is complete

Deploy – to place soldiers in a formation

Myopic – to inability to see objects that are far away clearly

Garish – showy

Rudimentary – early stages of development

Carotid – a major artery

Stanch – to stop the flow of a liquid

Encumbrance – a difficult concern

Rectify – make correct

Excoriate – to express a disapproval of (someone or something)


Heist Society by Ally Carter

Enigma – a person/thing that is difficult to understand

Demeanour – outward behaviour

Pertain – to be appropriate

Relishing – mass enjoyment

Pretentious – attempting to impress by pretending to be of greater importance

Chaise – a horse drawn carriage for one or two people


First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung

Sweltering – uncomfortably hot

Hoisin – a type of sauce made from soya beans

Instantaneously – something done instantly

Monastery – a building/buildings occupied by monks

Eloped – run away secretly in order to get married

Teak – a large tree native to India

Amenities – a desirable or useful feature/facility

Lackluster – lacking in vitality/force

Facade – the principal front of a building

Traverse – travel across/through

Corduroy – a thick cotton fabric

Juxtaposed – place close together for contrasting effect


The Giver Quizlet Test

Photo on 17-3-16 at 1.56 pm Photo on 17-3-16 at 1.55 pm #3 Photo on 17-3-16 at 1.57 pm Photo on 17-3-16 at 1.55 pm


If I Stay by. Gayle Forman

Nonchalant – appearing calm/relaxed

Orifice – an opening in the body

Scenesters – a person associated with a cultural fashionable scene

Coho – a fish (silver salmon)

Visceral – deep inward feelings

Conniption – rage/hysterics

Cloying – to disgust someone with too much sweetness/sentiment

Incarceration – imprisonment

Lamenting – a strong expression of grief

Segregationist – the action of setting someone apart from someone/something

Compel – force someone to do something

Eviscerate – remove the contents of

Askew – turned/twisted to one side

Verve – an energetic style

Procure – to receive from a special effort


I Am Malala  by. Malala Yousavzai

Banter – light teasing

Fickle – change in affections

Lush – produced in extreme abundance

Pacifist – someone who opposes violence

Veranda – a porch on the outside of a building

Uproarious – marked by continuous laughter

Melancholy – characterized by expressing sadness

Illiterate – not able to read or write

Blasphemy – the act of taking away something of it’s sacred character

Ordeal – a trying experience

Transpire – come about

Devour – enjoy

Marvel – be amazed at

Pious – devoutly religious

Martyr – a person who is killed based on their religion/beliefs

Quintessential – most important

Denounced – to publicly declare to be wrong

Rampant – growing without check

Matted – tangled in a dense mass


Macbeth Quizlet Test 1

Photo on 13-5-16 at 10.52 am Photo on 13-5-16 at 10.52 am #2


Macbeth Quizlet Test #2

Photo on 19-5-16 at 2.05 pm Photo on 19-5-16 at 2.05 pm #2


The Outsiders by S.E Hinton

Aloofness – cool and distant

Fuzz – slang for police

Ornery – difficult to deal with

Soused – food preserved in pickle

Crocked – an old person who is considered useless

Clad – clothed

Premonition – a strong feeling that something is gonna happen

Imploringly – beg someone to do something

Gallant – brave/heroic

Jolt – push or shake abruptly

Clobbered – hit hard

Contemptuously – scornful

Doggedly – having grim persistance

Wisecracks – a witty remark or joke

Conformity – compliance with standards or laws

Stupor – a state of near insensibility

Indignantly – feeling or showing anger as a result of unfair treatment

Acquitted – to free someone from criminal charge


The Maze Runner by. James Dashner

Amplify – increase the volume of

Jolt – a sudden jerky motion

Surge – rise and move

Writhe – to move in a twisting motion

Sneer – a facial expression of contempt

Predicament – an embarrassing situation

Lurch – an abrupt up and down motion

Cascade – rush down in big quantities

Vertigo – A sensation of whirling/loss of balance

Gape – look with amazement

Sallow – unhealthy looking

Chagrin – strong feeling of embarrassment

Disband – cause to break up

Belligerence – warlike attitude

Warble – singing in a weird way

Sodden – soaked

Appendage – attachment/accessory


Eleanor and Park by. Rainbow Rowell

Prerogative – dissect/dismantle

Surreptitiously – obtained, done

Illicit – Illegal

Alcove – a small room or opening out of a room

Liquefaction – making liquid

Remedial – intended to improve a person’s skill in a specific field

Raucous – noisy

Phylum – category

Devoid – being without

Trepidation – anxiety


Chinese Cinderella by. Adeline Yen Mah

Maimed – crippled

Assent – agreement

Imperiously – in a harsh way

Extolled – praised highly

Devout – religious

Dispersed – scattered

Contrite – sorry

Melee – fight

Brusquely – rudely

Aversion – dislike

Stoical – Impassive

Feigned – pretend

Ostensible – the out-looking

Garnered – to gather/collect

Exhorting – to give urgent advice/warnings

Trepidation – doesn’t feel safe/something bad is gonna happen

Precariously – feeling sleepy

Illustrious – good at something

Insolence – greedy


Hoot by. Carl Hiaasen

Monetary – relating to money

Macho – masculine in an overly aggressive way

Opossum – A marsupial from America

Exasperation – the feeling of intense irritation

Quizzically – a person’s expression indicating a puzzlement

Calico – a type of cotton cloth

Tremor – an involuntary quivering movement

Miffed – annoyed

Slanderous – (of a statement) false

Vain – having/showing a very high opinion/judgement

Impertinent – rude

Forlorn – abandoned/lonely

Ominously – giving the impression that something bad is gonna happen

Truancy – the act of staying away from school without a reason

Exultant – extremely happy


Macbeth Quizlet Test #3

Photo on 1-6-16 at 12.13 pm #2 Photo on 1-6-16 at 12.13 pm #3



The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson

Gait – the manner of walking, stepping, or running

Meddlesome – interfering

Nuance – a slight difference in expression/meaning

Acclimate – accustom or be accustomed to a new environment

Balk – to stop

Timbre – the characteristics of the quality of sound, volume, and pitch

Obsequious – obedient

Influx – the arrival of many people/things

Tedious – long and tiresome

Synapse – a gap between two nerve cells

Vigilante – a person who takes the law into his/her own hands

Oaf – a clumsy person

Zealous – active/devoted




Final PBL post

1. I enjoyed the process of building the skeleton the most because it really helped me learn a lot about the system and improve on our blue prints and building process.

2. I learned that I can act like a control freak when it comes to school project so I want everything to be perfect. Nearing the end of the project I learned that teamwork is better than a perfect project.

3. Next time I have a big project I will try to work in a group that has people that I know I can work well with+use teamwork in my group instead of going for perfection.

4. 9k=

This is our final skeleton with all labels


This is some of our joints on our joint board