Heat Transfers

1. Metals are good conductors of heat because they have free electrons. Electrons help metals heat up as every three electrons bounces off of an atom, the atom vibrates faster which causes more electrons to bounce off of it, etc.

2. The reason that hot air and hot water rise is because when heat is added to the water or air, the heat gives the atoms energy so they will spread apart more which causes the density to lower. That is why hot air and hot water rise.

3. When you are sitting at a campfire you always feel heat. The reason is because heat travels in waves which also known as thermal radiation.  Heat waves can travel any distance depending on how hot the original energy source is.

4. There are three forms of heat transfers; Conduction, Convection, and Radiation. They each connect to the states of matter and density

One of the forms is Conduction. Conduction happens when one hot object touches another. The heat is transfered when the other object touches the hot object. Some of the hot object’s particle thermal energy is transfered to the particles in the average temperatured object. Conduction relates to the states of matter because as the thermal energy is transfered the particles are losing some of their energy which causes the state to cool which will make a gas into a liquid and a liquid to a colder liquid, etc.

The next form is Radiation. Radiation happens when there is a heat source that is transferring thermal energy through waves. Thermal energy can be transferred through any form one of them is heat waves. Radiation relates to the states of matter because as the heat waves are being let go from the heat source the heat source will start to cool down and the waves will stop radiating heat

The last for is Convection. Convection happens when heat adds to a state of matter which lowers the density and makes it rise. When you have a heating system and you are transferring the heat with water it will not rise because it has a high density but when you use air to transfer heat the air will rise because it has a low density. Convection relates to the states of matter by when heat is added to a state of matter it produces more thermal energy which causes the particles to vibrate more and spread apart which causes the original state to have a lower density which makes the original state turn into a new state of matter.

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