Shadow Box

Photo on 17-10-14 at 9.59 AM #2unnamed


The story I based my Shadow box on is a story about an orphan who runs away on a hot air balloon. The boy waving to her was her best/only friend back at the orphanage. The girl is hiding in the basket of the hot air balloon so she doesn’t get caught.

I think that my work is similar to Hari and Deepti’s work based on how we use the light. How we put the light near the bottom of the shadow box to make the objects above turn into a shadow instead of being lit up. The thing that makes our shadow boxes different is the way we animate shapes. They used more of flowy characters and shapes that seem to tell an entire story. Whereas I used more structured shapes that only told one scene. Our shadow boxes are both different and the same in ways but they each tell different stories.

Some successes I have had throughout this process is when I created the ocean. I think that my peice really worked well when I made the ocean because the light although doesn’t reach the front waves still illuminates them.

Some areas of improvement needed are the boy. The boy was a struggle to build because I couldn’t think of any good silhouette ideas. After I decided to stick with the simple human silhouette It turned out okay but I feel like I could’ve done better with the human

Overall this was a very good project to learn and excel from.

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