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An Abundance Of Katherines  by. John Green

Immersing – When someone deeply involves their self in an activity

Extricated – To free someone or something from difficulty

Hirsute – Hairy

Malign – Speak bad about someone

Taut – Pulled Tight

Awestruck – In awe of someone or something

Diatribe – When you bitterly verbally attack someone or something

Apathy – Lack of interest in something or someone

Cadence – Rhythmic flow of words

Dichotomy – A division into two parts

Indelible – The marks of a pen or marker that cannot be removed

Remnants – an amount of a greater part after that greater part has been destroyed/used.

Vaunted – brag about or praise something

Contusions – a bruise

Ensconced – settle in a comfortable place


A Work In Progress by. Conner Franta

Accustomed – usual

Coincided – for something to occur at the same time as something

Inexplicable – unable to be explained

Distaste – mild dislike

Gregarious – a person who loves company

Scrutinising – inspect closely

Stifled – someone unable to breath properly

Engulfed – powerfully effect someone

Sidled – walk in a timid manner

Trepidation – feeling of fear/anxiety

Broaching – raising a difficult subject for discussion

Pragmatically – dealing with things in a sensible way

Visceral – relating to deep feelings

Fixated – to be fixed on an opinion

Protrudes – extend beyond a surface

Glean – to obtain information from various sources

Hinder – to make it difficult to do something or make it difficult for something to happen

Cusp – a pointed end where two curves meet

Succumbing – a fail to resist pressure

Bane – a cause of distress

Facade – a deceptive outward appearance


Vocabulary Quiz 1

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Red Queen  by. Victoria Aveyard

Imp – a small mischievous devil/spirit

Roving – a sliver of cotton/wool/other fibers

Disdain – the feeling when someone/something is not worth someones respect

Gait – a persons way of walking

Afoul – into conflict/difficulty with

Glean – to obtain something from various sources

Preening – (bird) cleans feathers with it’s beak

Benevolent – well meaning and kindly

Impregnable – unable to be captured

Menagerie – a collection of wild animals kept in captivity

Rapt – being completely fascinated by something

Assailant – a person who physically attacks someone

Voracity – wanting/eating great amounts of food

Hasten – be quick to do something

Stoic – a person who can experience pain without showing it

Rudimentary – limited to basic principles

Dully – lacking excitement

Atone – make reparation

Demure – a woman who is very reserved/shy

Tremor – a quivering movement that you cannot control

Deplorable – completely unacceptable

Respite – a short period of rest and/or relief from something

Trepidation – a fear about something that may happen

Arcing – a part of a curve

Chides – to scold


Vocabulary Quiz 2

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Vocabulary Quiz 3

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Countdown by. Deborah Wiles

Fervour – passionate feeling

Spindly – tall/thin

Tousles – make something messy (mostly a persons hair)

Satchel – a bag carried on the shoulder by a long strap

Meandering – following a winding course

Leprosy – a contagious disease in the skin

Inquisition – a period of intense questioning

Lain – past participle of lie

Impending – be about to happen

Waif – a homeless/abandoned person

Flitting – move swiftly

Jocular – humorous/playful

Reverent – feeling/showing deep respect

Morose – ill-tempered

Keeled – a steel structure on the base of a ship

Melodious – relating to a melody

Pilfered – to steal things of little value

Aberrant – departing from an accepted standard


Every Thing On It by. Shel Silverstein

Tapioca – starchy substance in the form of tiny white grains

Sup – take (a drink/liquid food) in sips or spoonfuls

Brook – a small stream

Aquiver – trembling

Frivolous – not having any purpose/value

Bough – main branch of a tree

Mink – a small semiaquatic carnivore native to North America and Eurasia

Dank – unpleasantly damp/cold

Rowdies – noisy/unorganised

Cyclamates – a type of salt that is sometimes used as artificial sweetener

Mulligatawny – a spicy meat soup that originated in India


Carrie by. Stephen King

Immutably – unable to be changed

Writhed – to make squirming movements

Stolidly – showing little emotion

Grotesquely – comically ugly

Vexing – to make someone annoyed

Bovinely – affecting cattle

Bereavement – to be deprived because of someones death

Irrevocably – not able to be changed

Vacuous – showing a lack in intelligence

Magnanimously – generous/forgiving

Carburettor – a device in an engine


Vocabulary Quiz 4

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Vocabulary Quiz 5

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Whatever Happened to Janie? by. Caroline b. Cooney

Linoleum – a material consisting of canvas

Buffer – a person or thing that reduces a shock

Cassettes – a sealed plastic unit containing a length of audio tape

Agony – extreme physical/mental suffering

Hearse – a vehicle for conveying the coffin at a funeral

Fretted – feared

Mystified – someone who is utterly bewildered

Floe – a sheet of floating ice

Exonerate – someone to absolve someone from blame from a wrongdoing

Somber – dark in color/tone

Pompous – affectedly self-important

Morally – concerned with the rules of right and wrong behaviour

Hostile – showing/feeling dislike

Irritably – showing a tendency to be easily annoyed

Swathed – wrapped in several layers of fabric

Impenetrable – impossible to pass through

Rube – a country bumpkin

Derelicts – in poor condition due to the effect of disuse/neglect


Paper Quake by. Kathryn Reiss

Compelled – to force someone to do something

Obligingly – willing to be kind

Exulted – show/feel triumphant

Matted – tangled in a thick mass

Morbid – abnormal interest in things

Reverie – a state of being lost in thoughts

Drudge – a person forced to do hard work

Confide – telling someone a secret and trusting them

Ledger – collection of financial accounts

Insinuated – to suggest something bad indirectly

Festooned – a chain of flowers, etc. hung for decoration


Vocabulary Quiz 6

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Crossed  by. Ally Condie

Cartography – practice/science of drawing maps

Elation – extreme happiness

Contraband – things that have been imported/exported illegally

Viable – the ability to be successful

Infrared – radiation

Curt – rudely simple/brief

Kinship – blood relationship

Primitive – very basic in terms of comfort/convenience


The Calling by. Kelley Armstrong

Acrid – unpleasantly bitter (usually a scent)

Reverting – to return to

Regressing – return to an old or less developed state

Intermarried – people of different groups (race, religion, etc.) get married

Interrogating – to ask questions aggressively

Unsheathed – not protected by a covering

Feigned – insincere

Incentives – something that encourages/motivates someone

Conjure – to cause a ghost/spirit to magically appear

Ghoul – an evil spirit

Topper – a machine that cuts the tops of weeds

Wry – using a mocking type of humour


In a Heartbeat by. Loretta Ellsworth

Palominos – a tan colored horse

Ragging – a low quality newspaper

Immunosuppressive – supressing the immune response of a person (a drug)

Purgatory – having the quality of cleansing

Prognosis – the likely course of a medical condition

Gaze – a steady look

Reel – a lively folk dance

Mesmerize – capture the attention of someone

Regal – fit for a high class


Don’t Look Back by. Jennifer L. Armentrout

Plexiglas – a transparent plastic

Skittish – an animal that is easily scared

Falter – lose strength

Ominous – giving the impression that something bad is going to happen

Reckoned – establish by calculation

Vigils – a time where you try to stay awake

Facade – the principal front of the building

Grimace – a twisted expression

Scrutiny – critical observation

Pristine – in it’s original condition

Vivid – producing powerful feelings/images

Hierarchy – a system where people are ranked based on status

Heinous – someone who is wicked





Z for Zachariah by. Robert C. O’Brien

Mirage – an optical illusion caused by conditions of the atmosphere

Gauge – an instrument that measures the amount of something

Carbine – an automatic rifle

Fescue – an amount of narrow leaved grasses

Briskly – energetic

Culvert – a tunnel carrying a stream

Meander – something following a winding course

Shambles – a state of total disorder

Upholstered – provide something with a soft covering

Evasive – tending to avoid commitment

Oblong – a flat figure with unequal adjacent sides

Mollified – reducing someones anger/anxiety

Delirium – a disturbed state of mind


Unbroken by. Laura Hillenbrand

Avuncular – resembling an uncle in kindness

Melee – a noisy fight

Incipient – partly in existence

Dirigible – a type of self-propelled aircraft

Abort – to destroy before (something) is complete

Deploy – to place soldiers in a formation

Myopic – to inability to see objects that are far away clearly

Garish – showy

Rudimentary – early stages of development

Carotid – a major artery

Stanch – to stop the flow of a liquid

Encumbrance – a difficult concern

Rectify – make correct

Excoriate – to express a disapproval of (someone or something)


Heist Society by Ally Carter

Enigma – a person/thing that is difficult to understand

Demeanour – outward behaviour

Pertain – to be appropriate

Relishing – mass enjoyment

Pretentious – attempting to impress by pretending to be of greater importance

Chaise – a horse drawn carriage for one or two people


First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung

Sweltering – uncomfortably hot

Hoisin – a type of sauce made from soya beans

Instantaneously – something done instantly

Monastery – a building/buildings occupied by monks

Eloped – run away secretly in order to get married

Teak – a large tree native to India

Amenities – a desirable or useful feature/facility

Lackluster – lacking in vitality/force

Facade – the principal front of a building

Traverse – travel across/through

Corduroy – a thick cotton fabric

Juxtaposed – place close together for contrasting effect


The Giver Quizlet Test

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If I Stay by. Gayle Forman

Nonchalant – appearing calm/relaxed

Orifice – an opening in the body

Scenesters – a person associated with a cultural fashionable scene

Coho – a fish (silver salmon)

Visceral – deep inward feelings

Conniption – rage/hysterics

Cloying – to disgust someone with too much sweetness/sentiment

Incarceration – imprisonment

Lamenting – a strong expression of grief

Segregationist – the action of setting someone apart from someone/something

Compel – force someone to do something

Eviscerate – remove the contents of

Askew – turned/twisted to one side

Verve – an energetic style

Procure – to receive from a special effort


I Am Malala  by. Malala Yousavzai

Banter – light teasing

Fickle – change in affections

Lush – produced in extreme abundance

Pacifist – someone who opposes violence

Veranda – a porch on the outside of a building

Uproarious – marked by continuous laughter

Melancholy – characterized by expressing sadness

Illiterate – not able to read or write

Blasphemy – the act of taking away something of it’s sacred character

Ordeal – a trying experience

Transpire – come about

Devour – enjoy

Marvel – be amazed at

Pious – devoutly religious

Martyr – a person who is killed based on their religion/beliefs

Quintessential – most important

Denounced – to publicly declare to be wrong

Rampant – growing without check

Matted – tangled in a dense mass


Macbeth Quizlet Test 1

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Macbeth Quizlet Test #2

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The Outsiders by S.E Hinton

Aloofness – cool and distant

Fuzz – slang for police

Ornery – difficult to deal with

Soused – food preserved in pickle

Crocked – an old person who is considered useless

Clad – clothed

Premonition – a strong feeling that something is gonna happen

Imploringly – beg someone to do something

Gallant – brave/heroic

Jolt – push or shake abruptly

Clobbered – hit hard

Contemptuously – scornful

Doggedly – having grim persistance

Wisecracks – a witty remark or joke

Conformity – compliance with standards or laws

Stupor – a state of near insensibility

Indignantly – feeling or showing anger as a result of unfair treatment

Acquitted – to free someone from criminal charge


The Maze Runner by. James Dashner

Amplify – increase the volume of

Jolt – a sudden jerky motion

Surge – rise and move

Writhe – to move in a twisting motion

Sneer – a facial expression of contempt

Predicament – an embarrassing situation

Lurch – an abrupt up and down motion

Cascade – rush down in big quantities

Vertigo – A sensation of whirling/loss of balance

Gape – look with amazement

Sallow – unhealthy looking

Chagrin – strong feeling of embarrassment

Disband – cause to break up

Belligerence – warlike attitude

Warble – singing in a weird way

Sodden – soaked

Appendage – attachment/accessory


Eleanor and Park by. Rainbow Rowell

Prerogative – dissect/dismantle

Surreptitiously – obtained, done

Illicit – Illegal

Alcove – a small room or opening out of a room

Liquefaction – making liquid

Remedial – intended to improve a person’s skill in a specific field

Raucous – noisy

Phylum – category

Devoid – being without

Trepidation – anxiety


Chinese Cinderella by. Adeline Yen Mah

Maimed – crippled

Assent – agreement

Imperiously – in a harsh way

Extolled – praised highly

Devout – religious

Dispersed – scattered

Contrite – sorry

Melee – fight

Brusquely – rudely

Aversion – dislike

Stoical – Impassive

Feigned – pretend

Ostensible – the out-looking

Garnered – to gather/collect

Exhorting – to give urgent advice/warnings

Trepidation – doesn’t feel safe/something bad is gonna happen

Precariously – feeling sleepy

Illustrious – good at something

Insolence – greedy


Hoot by. Carl Hiaasen

Monetary – relating to money

Macho – masculine in an overly aggressive way

Opossum – A marsupial from America

Exasperation – the feeling of intense irritation

Quizzically – a person’s expression indicating a puzzlement

Calico – a type of cotton cloth

Tremor – an involuntary quivering movement

Miffed – annoyed

Slanderous – (of a statement) false

Vain – having/showing a very high opinion/judgement

Impertinent – rude

Forlorn – abandoned/lonely

Ominously – giving the impression that something bad is gonna happen

Truancy – the act of staying away from school without a reason

Exultant – extremely happy


Macbeth Quizlet Test #3

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The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson

Gait – the manner of walking, stepping, or running

Meddlesome – interfering

Nuance – a slight difference in expression/meaning

Acclimate – accustom or be accustomed to a new environment

Balk – to stop

Timbre – the characteristics of the quality of sound, volume, and pitch

Obsequious – obedient

Influx – the arrival of many people/things

Tedious – long and tiresome

Synapse – a gap between two nerve cells

Vigilante – a person who takes the law into his/her own hands

Oaf – a clumsy person

Zealous – active/devoted




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