Grade 8 Reading

“Popularity” Reading Formative

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“My First Conk” Reading Formative

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I am pleased with how I organised my test as now if I am answering a problem it is easier for me to identify where things go and how my answer should be structured

Something I am challenged with is trying not to be so repetitive to prove my point and explain different elements that prove the point and not repeat the same sentences.


“Chinese Cinderella” Reading Formative


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I am pleased with how I explained my answer because I think that for every question I really explained my opinion. In addition, I am pleased with how I organised and colour coded this test. I think next time I could use less repetition and explain my point in more than 1-2 ways if possible.


Reading Formative

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Reading Summative

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I think that a strength I had during this assessment was that I was very organised with my answers. Next time I think that I can improve by adding more detail and supporting my answer more.


Book Club Reflection:

Z for Zachariah by. Robert C. O’Brien

I think that so far in my book club we are creating a lot of the same predictions and when we have different predictions it is really cool to hear the explanation and connect and either disagree or agree. I think that we should work on listening to each other more rather than just thinking about what we want to say next. I am very happy with the amount of details that I have been able to pick up on and look more in to to increase my reading comprehension.


Book Club Reflection #2: Some strengths that I think my group and I had were that we stayed mostly on task and we kept our eye contact for the majority of the conversation. In addition, I think that we tried to dig deeper into each others thoughts which really helped the conversation thrive. Some weak things that happened were that sometimes during this conversation we both got a little side tracked and I let myself get distracted by other people which is something I need to improve on. Overall I think that I could work on going a little bit more in depth with my stickies that I make and asking people questions about their thoughts.

A strength that I think that we had in this book club talk were that we mostly stayed focused. Furthermore, I tried to stay focused on the book without going onto a different conversation.


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EHIC video rubric and reflection

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Some of my strengths for this video was that I had good use of quotes that made my video stronger and let out even more of a message. In addition, I think that the volume and power of my background music made an effect on the video because it seemed to go with what I was saying as I was saying it.

Some of my weak points for this video/things I need to work on making sure that all of my images are not pixelated and make sure that the angle and use of the photo makes sense. In addition, for some reason when I put my video on the pictures it chopped my head off so next time I need to work on avoiding that situation and rerecord if I identify a problem.


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Reading Formative

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Shakespeare 400

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Reading Summative

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