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Quarter 2 = So far this year I have been reading daily for half and hour and sometimes more, but this quarter I would like to strive to read more on the weekends. Instead of going on my computer I can read in my free time because I am a slow reader and I would like to surpass the goal of 36 books this year. If I start reading more, this will effect my reading log and word wall as there will be more books written down and more words written down.



Quarter 2 = For the first quarter I think that my writing suffered because of my grammar and sentence fluency. My goal for this quarter is to do some more noredink so that my grammar and sentence fluency in my writing improves to make my writing better.

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Next time to improve I could have a stronger introduction and try not to use any filler words.


Approaches to Learning

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For this quarter my goal is to work on my word choice. I will try to take the words from my word wall so that my writing has a richer word choice. To do this I will highlight at least 3 words when I am writing practice essays/narratives and change them to a word that better describes what I am trying to say. To show this I will take photos of my writing before and after I change the words.


For this quarter my goal is to work on newsela. Recently, I have been struggling with newsela which means my reading comprehension is suffering. To do this every week I will do another newsela story. To show my progress I will take a picture of my progress board to show how I have grown

Goals Rubric

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Approaches to Learning

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