Spring Parent Conference Reflection

Photo on 8-3-16 at 11.31 am

During Parent conferences I noticed a lot of things that I needed to work on and I also identified how to work on them. Some of the big things that I need to improve on are to listen, keep my word wall updated, and avoid reading the same genre over and over again. I decided that to keep up with my word wall I need to stop at every chapter and write down a few words so that I don’t forget to write down words. Furthermore, when I feel myself losing focus on someone who is speaking, give the person eye contact and avoid fiddling with pencils. Another main thing that I noticed that is starting to become a problem is that I do not try my best on newsela.To fix that I will read the entire paragraph/essay and then skim read when answering the questions to avoid any big mistakes. I also noticed that I am not taking action on feedback,  Ms. Bevear said that a way to organise my feedback was to write it down in a blog post or on a google doc so that I can look back on my previous feedback while I am writing.

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