SS Competence Unit


Paragraph 1: What study strategies worked best for you? What strategies didn’t work?


Throughout this unit I have tried many different study methods and each study method came out with a different result. For every section I wrote out notes for every chapter but each section I wrote my notes differently. For Chapter 6, I only wrote notes, I used some color to highlight key points but I did not reflect on those key points which led to me getting a lower score than I hoped on the chapter 6 multiple choice test. For chapter 8, I knew that I needed to improve my note taking. So, I decided to divide the important information into different sections so that it would be easier to remember. In addition, I wrote a bunch of questions and answers that I thought would be on the test so I could study them. These study methods did me well and I ended up getting everything right on the test. For chapter 9, I decided to try a new strategy. Instead of writing questions down at the end of my notes, I decided to write summaries for each chapter so that I can easily reflect on what I learned and so I can see if the information really stuck. Unfortunately, I did worse on this test than I did on the chapter 8 test. Although I did get an ME, I think that I could’ve done better. Overall some strategies that I tried worked and didn’t work but I tried as many strategies as I could and overall writing questions really seemed to help make the information stick to my brain.


Paragraph 2: What advice do you have for Mr. Pierce’s upcoming students?


Throughout this unit I learned a lot about which studying tricks worked best after attempting to try different strategies to make my tests the best they can be. Overall, my advice is to always review the chapters after you take notes on them to make sure that the information sticks to your brain. In addition, write a quiz for yourself because it helps you reflect over all of the chapters and helps youreflect and learn extra information that you are stuck on.


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