Oral and Written Sample – Intermediate 2


我们给一个旅行社电话问他们如果他们找一个航空去新加坡。所以他们查航空,他们找很多的航空去新加坡不过很多的航空太贵了!旅行社的人告诉我们,“国泰航空可以给你打八折!这个航空是直飞,往返,好吗?” 我和我的朋友高兴极了因为我们最喜欢执飞航空因为直飞航空比转机不有很多时间。我们订两个机票,一个靠窗户,一个靠中间。我得靠窗户的位子因为我最喜欢靠着窗户睡觉。我们也定一份素餐因为我的朋友不喜欢肉。


SS Competence Unit



Paragraph 1: What study strategies worked best for you? What strategies didn’t work?


Throughout this unit I have tried many different study methods and each study method came out with a different result. For every section I wrote out notes for every chapter but each section I wrote my notes differently. For Chapter 6, I only wrote notes, I used some color to highlight key points but I did not reflect on those key points which led to me getting a lower score than I hoped on the chapter 6 multiple choice test. For chapter 8, I knew that I needed to improve my note taking. So, I decided to divide the important information into different sections so that it would be easier to remember. In addition, I wrote a bunch of questions and answers that I thought would be on the test so I could study them. These study methods did me well and I ended up getting everything right on the test. For chapter 9, I decided to try a new strategy. Instead of writing questions down at the end of my notes, I decided to write summaries for each chapter so that I can easily reflect on what I learned and so I can see if the information really stuck. Unfortunately, I did worse on this test than I did on the chapter 8 test. Although I did get an ME, I think that I could’ve done better. Overall some strategies that I tried worked and didn’t work but I tried as many strategies as I could and overall writing questions really seemed to help make the information stick to my brain.


Paragraph 2: What advice do you have for Mr. Pierce’s upcoming students?


Throughout this unit I learned a lot about which studying tricks worked best after attempting to try different strategies to make my tests the best they can be. Overall, my advice is to always review the chapters after you take notes on them to make sure that the information sticks to your brain. In addition, write a quiz for yourself because it helps you reflect over all of the chapters and helps youreflect and learn extra information that you are stuck on.



Literary Analysis Paragraphs

-Cite sources for definitions

-Don’t put a period next to ‘by’ before writing the author’s name

Dystopian novel summaries

-Don’t put a period next to ‘by’ before writing the author’s name

Spring Parent Conference Reflection

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During Parent conferences I noticed a lot of things that I needed to work on and I also identified how to work on them. Some of the big things that I need to improve on are to listen, keep my word wall updated, and avoid reading the same genre over and over again. I decided that to keep up with my word wall I need to stop at every chapter and write down a few words so that I don’t forget to write down words. Furthermore, when I feel myself losing focus on someone who is speaking, give the person eye contact and avoid fiddling with pencils. Another main thing that I noticed that is starting to become a problem is that I do not try my best on newsela.To fix that I will read the entire paragraph/essay and then skim read when answering the questions to avoid any big mistakes. I also noticed that I am not taking action on feedback,  Ms. Bevear said that a way to organise my feedback was to write it down in a blog post or on a google doc so that I can look back on my previous feedback while I am writing.

Clay Vessel Final

My design started from a design that went from fat to skinny. I think that the research that we did on these pots was very useful so we could get the feel of how a regular vessel would look like. During the process of my pot it wasn’t going as planned by cracking and falling apart. After using coils of newspaper for support the cracking stopped slightly. In the end because of the cracking and wanting my pot to survive I changed my idea so that the top flared out. Most of my idea for my pot came from the other pots that Mr. Lee showed us. Pottery is a relevant form of art today. Because pottery although is a gorgeous work of art, pottery can be used in many different daily uses. Flower pots, vases, etc. My pot is an imitation of a greek vessel because it has the same type of base shape as some of the greek vessels used in the past history. To make my work different I would make my work smaller so that I could do my original design without it cracking so easily. Overall this pot was fun to make and a very good experience

Batman vs. The Penguin Debate

1. What is The Penguin’s main idea? What are his reasons?
The Penguin’s main idea is that he should win the campaign because Batman unmasked is a villain. His reasons are because he always wears a mask, whenever anyone sees Batman he is always with a criminal.
2. What evidence does he use to support his reasons?
Whenever anyone looks at the newspaper there are always pictures of him with thugs and criminals.
3. How does Batman start his rebuttal? (When two people debate, one of them makes an argument, followed by a rebuttal from the other person. The rebuttal basically states, “No, you’re wrong, and this is why.”)
He begins by pointing out all of the false statements made by the Penguin and explaining them.
4. What kind of tactics to you think are fair or unfair in debating, based on this example?
I think that it is unfair when people make a statement and then the other person downs the statement and you cannot talk back, all you can do is listen. I think that it is fair that both people in the debate got a chance to prove their point. I think that it is unfair for the first person because if the second person makes a false statement they cannot down it.
5. Who seems to have the best manner? Why?

Batman because he was orderly and he backed up all of his ideas whereas The Penguin only backed up a few of his ideas. I also think that Batman was better because Batman listened to what the Penguin had to say whereas the Penguin only talked over Batman.

Heat Transfers

1. Metals are good conductors of heat because they have free electrons. Electrons help metals heat up as every three electrons bounces off of an atom, the atom vibrates faster which causes more electrons to bounce off of it, etc.

2. The reason that hot air and hot water rise is because when heat is added to the water or air, the heat gives the atoms energy so they will spread apart more which causes the density to lower. That is why hot air and hot water rise.

3. When you are sitting at a campfire you always feel heat. The reason is because heat travels in waves which also known as thermal radiation.  Heat waves can travel any distance depending on how hot the original energy source is.

4. There are three forms of heat transfers; Conduction, Convection, and Radiation. They each connect to the states of matter and density

One of the forms is Conduction. Conduction happens when one hot object touches another. The heat is transfered when the other object touches the hot object. Some of the hot object’s particle thermal energy is transfered to the particles in the average temperatured object. Conduction relates to the states of matter because as the thermal energy is transfered the particles are losing some of their energy which causes the state to cool which will make a gas into a liquid and a liquid to a colder liquid, etc.

The next form is Radiation. Radiation happens when there is a heat source that is transferring thermal energy through waves. Thermal energy can be transferred through any form one of them is heat waves. Radiation relates to the states of matter because as the heat waves are being let go from the heat source the heat source will start to cool down and the waves will stop radiating heat

The last for is Convection. Convection happens when heat adds to a state of matter which lowers the density and makes it rise. When you have a heating system and you are transferring the heat with water it will not rise because it has a high density but when you use air to transfer heat the air will rise because it has a low density. Convection relates to the states of matter by when heat is added to a state of matter it produces more thermal energy which causes the particles to vibrate more and spread apart which causes the original state to have a lower density which makes the original state turn into a new state of matter.

My First Post

I think that this blog will be used to help us publish our work that we have done in any of our subjects. I also think that this blog will be helpful so that we can easily comment and give feedback on each others blogs. Also, this blog can be used to organize our work in categories. This blog will be very useful and I am very excited to use it.