Final PBL post

1. I enjoyed the process of building the skeleton the most because it really helped me learn a lot about the system and improve on our blue prints and building process.

2. I learned that I can act like a control freak when it comes to school project so I want everything to be perfect. Nearing the end of the project I learned that teamwork is better than a perfect project.

3. Next time I have a big project I will try to work in a group that has people that I know I can work well with+use teamwork in my group instead of going for perfection.

4. 9k=

This is our final skeleton with all labels


This is some of our joints on our joint board

PBL update #3

1. This week we completed the skull, labels, pelvis, spinal cord, ribcage. Now we are piecing together the bones so that it starts to look like a skeleton

2. Next week we won’t be working on the project as the project is over today.  We have done a lot in the past month to do our best to complete the full skeleton. If we had another week we would probably work on finishing touches so that our skeleton looks extremely presentable

3. No other materials are needed 🙂

Photo on 5-3-15 at 1.57 pm

Arm and leg bones

Photo on 5-3-15 at 1.58 pm

Spinal cord

Photo on 5-3-15 at 1.58 pm #2

In progress Pelvis

Photo on 5-3-15 at 1.56 pm


Labels for the bones


In Progress Post #2

1. This week we accomplished our goal of creating the base of our skull, and completing our Femurs and Radius and Ulnas and Humerouses

2. The top of our to do list is to complete the entire skull and spine and connect them

3. We do not need any more materials 🙂

4.Photo on 27-2-15 at 11.58 am #2This a picture of our Frontal Lobe for the skull Photo on 27-2-15 at 11.58 am This is a picture of Incomplete Skull bonesPhoto on 27-2-15 at 11.56 amThis is a picture of our completed Teeth Photo on 27-2-15 at 11.57 am #2These are our Femur bones

Photo on 27-2-15 at 11.57 amThese are our Arm Bones

In Progress Report #1

1. My group and I have accomplished a lot so far. We have finished the blue prints and all of our research and just finished building the prototype bone and joint.

2. The top of our to do list for  the next class is to identify what went wrong with our prototype and how we can fix it

3. We do not need to gather any more materials before next class. All materials are brought in.