Sarah Sze: “Improvisation” Research

2) How does Sarah use improvisation and spontaneity (randomness) to create her work?

She wants her work to experience something alive. You can see decisions happening on sight. The spontanious is what makes it interesting for the artist and for the viewer. She takes a lot of time conceptionalizing and thinking over her work. You never have an idea of what is going to happen until it happens and that is what makes it interesting. She wants her work to look like a science experiment (you never know what is going to happen). You see the process and the outcome is not clear. She never shows too much of one thing. She is thinking of the edge between life and art, and have the viewer move in and out of it every time. Take something familiar and change it to something unfamiliar.

3) Find a good photo of one of her works and upload this to your site. Don’t forget to label the photo with a title, year, and other relevant information

sarah-sze-US-pavilion-venice-art-biennale-2013-designboom-asarah sze: triple point (pendulum), 2013

4) How was your art making process similar to Sarah’s process?

Our art making process is similar to Sarah’s process because she had to think a lot and we had to think a lot. And our design was completely different from the outcome just like she said.

5) What is your reaction to Sarah’s work? Would you call this art? Please explain.

I find Sarah’s work an optical illusion. I love it and I would definetly call it art. Anything that makes a person stare in aw or want to create something like that means that that is art. Her work is her randomness in visual. She makes gorgeous works of random and I love how she uses her art skills and her randomness to create a masterpiece sculpture.

Cardboard Box Sculpture

Photo on 24-9-14 at 9.15 AM Photo on 24-9-14 at 9.15 AM #2 Photo on 24-9-14 at 9.15 AM #4 Photo on 24-9-14 at 9.15 AM #3

With this sculpture our ideas changed a lot. Our Original idea was to create an arcade machine. After a lot of failing to get the machine to stand we decided to go with a simpler but more complex sculpture. We decided to make a house of cards with two stacks of cards on the back. This sculpture took a lot of work and precise shapes. This house of cards was very fun to make but very hard. Since a piece of cardboard couldn’t stand alone we had to cut little  slips in order for the base cards to stay. On the last day we created this a miracle happened… We got to use glue! The glue was very helpful because it took us less times to cut all of the slips, cut holes in the designs to stick them on the sculpture. Without the glue it would be a much longer process and would involve more and more thinking.

Without being able to use tape or glue in the beginning was very hard. It caused my partner and I to think more about design and how we could put things together.

One way my team worked well was we shared our ideas together and we always listened to each others ideas. One way my team could work better was maybe switching jobs and thinking of more than one way to do things.