Clay Vessel Final

My design started from a design that went from fat to skinny. I think that the research that we did on these pots was very useful so we could get the feel of how a regular vessel would look like. During the process of my pot it wasn’t going as planned by cracking and falling apart. After using coils of newspaper for support the cracking stopped slightly. In the end because of the cracking and wanting my pot to survive I changed my idea so that the top flared out. Most of my idea for my pot came from the other pots that Mr. Lee showed us. Pottery is a relevant form of art today. Because pottery although is a gorgeous work of art, pottery can be used in many different daily uses. Flower pots, vases, etc. My pot is an imitation of a greek vessel because it has the same type of base shape as some of the greek vessels used in the past history. To make my work different I would make my work smaller so that I could do my original design without it cracking so easily. Overall this pot was fun to make and a very good experience