PBL update #3

1. This week we completed the skull, labels, pelvis, spinal cord, ribcage. Now we are piecing together the bones so that it starts to look like a skeleton

2. Next week we won’t be working on the project as the project is over today.  We have done a lot in the past month to do our best to complete the full skeleton. If we had another week we would probably work on finishing touches so that our skeleton looks extremely presentable

3. No other materials are needed 🙂

Photo on 5-3-15 at 1.57 pm

Arm and leg bones

Photo on 5-3-15 at 1.58 pm

Spinal cord

Photo on 5-3-15 at 1.58 pm #2

In progress Pelvis

Photo on 5-3-15 at 1.56 pm


Labels for the bones


In Progress Post #2

1. This week we accomplished our goal of creating the base of our skull, and completing our Femurs and Radius and Ulnas and Humerouses

2. The top of our to do list is to complete the entire skull and spine and connect them

3. We do not need any more materials 🙂

4.Photo on 27-2-15 at 11.58 am #2This a picture of our Frontal Lobe for the skull Photo on 27-2-15 at 11.58 am This is a picture of Incomplete Skull bonesPhoto on 27-2-15 at 11.56 amThis is a picture of our completed Teeth Photo on 27-2-15 at 11.57 am #2These are our Femur bones

Photo on 27-2-15 at 11.57 amThese are our Arm Bones

In Progress Report #1

1. My group and I have accomplished a lot so far. We have finished the blue prints and all of our research and just finished building the prototype bone and joint.

2. The top of our to do list for  the next class is to identify what went wrong with our prototype and how we can fix it

3. We do not need to gather any more materials before next class. All materials are brought in.


Clay Vessel Final

My design started from a design that went from fat to skinny. I think that the research that we did on these pots was very useful so we could get the feel of how a regular vessel would look like. During the process of my pot it wasn’t going as planned by cracking and falling apart. After using coils of newspaper for support the cracking stopped slightly. In the end because of the cracking and wanting my pot to survive I changed my idea so that the top flared out. Most of my idea for my pot came from the other pots that Mr. Lee showed us. Pottery is a relevant form of art today. Because pottery although is a gorgeous work of art, pottery can be used in many different daily uses. Flower pots, vases, etc. My pot is an imitation of a greek vessel because it has the same type of base shape as some of the greek vessels used in the past history. To make my work different I would make my work smaller so that I could do my original design without it cracking so easily. Overall this pot was fun to make and a very good experience

Shadow Box

Photo on 17-10-14 at 9.59 AM #2unnamed


The story I based my Shadow box on is a story about an orphan who runs away on a hot air balloon. The boy waving to her was her best/only friend back at the orphanage. The girl is hiding in the basket of the hot air balloon so she doesn’t get caught.

I think that my work is similar to Hari and Deepti’s work based on how we use the light. How we put the light near the bottom of the shadow box to make the objects above turn into a shadow instead of being lit up. The thing that makes our shadow boxes different is the way we animate shapes. They used more of flowy characters and shapes that seem to tell an entire story. Whereas I used more structured shapes that only told one scene. Our shadow boxes are both different and the same in ways but they each tell different stories.

Some successes I have had throughout this process is when I created the ocean. I think that my peice really worked well when I made the ocean because the light although doesn’t reach the front waves still illuminates them.

Some areas of improvement needed are the boy. The boy was a struggle to build because I couldn’t think of any good silhouette ideas. After I decided to stick with the simple human silhouette It turned out okay but I feel like I could’ve done better with the human

Overall this was a very good project to learn and excel from.

Shadow Box (In-Process)

unnamedPhoto on 15-10-14 at 9.17 AM


At this moment I am in the process of gluing all of my pieces into my box. I have already cut the holes in my mountains to let the lights through so I am ready to glue!

I feel that I am progressing very well in this project. I think that my project has definetly changed since the beginning like where the light will go, backgrounds and foregrounds, etc. Some challenges that I faced were that my man was very hard to cut and draw. I couldn’t get a good silhouette. A success that I have had so far is that my hot air balloon sticks to the box and looks quite good with the light.


Sarah Sze: “Improvisation” Research

2) How does Sarah use improvisation and spontaneity (randomness) to create her work?

She wants her work to experience something alive. You can see decisions happening on sight. The spontanious is what makes it interesting for the artist and for the viewer. She takes a lot of time conceptionalizing and thinking over her work. You never have an idea of what is going to happen until it happens and that is what makes it interesting. She wants her work to look like a science experiment (you never know what is going to happen). You see the process and the outcome is not clear. She never shows too much of one thing. She is thinking of the edge between life and art, and have the viewer move in and out of it every time. Take something familiar and change it to something unfamiliar.

3) Find a good photo of one of her works and upload this to your site. Don’t forget to label the photo with a title, year, and other relevant information

sarah-sze-US-pavilion-venice-art-biennale-2013-designboom-asarah sze: triple point (pendulum), 2013

4) How was your art making process similar to Sarah’s process?

Our art making process is similar to Sarah’s process because she had to think a lot and we had to think a lot. And our design was completely different from the outcome just like she said.

5) What is your reaction to Sarah’s work? Would you call this art? Please explain.

I find Sarah’s work an optical illusion. I love it and I would definetly call it art. Anything that makes a person stare in aw or want to create something like that means that that is art. Her work is her randomness in visual. She makes gorgeous works of random and I love how she uses her art skills and her randomness to create a masterpiece sculpture.