Batman vs. The Penguin Debate

1. What is The Penguin’s main idea? What are his reasons?
The Penguin’s main idea is that he should win the campaign because Batman unmasked is a villain. His reasons are because he always wears a mask, whenever anyone sees Batman he is always with a criminal.
2. What evidence does he use to support his reasons?
Whenever anyone looks at the newspaper there are always pictures of him with thugs and criminals.
3. How does Batman start his rebuttal? (When two people debate, one of them makes an argument, followed by a rebuttal from the other person. The rebuttal basically states, “No, you’re wrong, and this is why.”)
He begins by pointing out all of the false statements made by the Penguin and explaining them.
4. What kind of tactics to you think are fair or unfair in debating, based on this example?
I think that it is unfair when people make a statement and then the other person downs the statement and you cannot talk back, all you can do is listen. I think that it is fair that both people in the debate got a chance to prove their point. I think that it is unfair for the first person because if the second person makes a false statement they cannot down it.
5. Who seems to have the best manner? Why?

Batman because he was orderly and he backed up all of his ideas whereas The Penguin only backed up a few of his ideas. I also think that Batman was better because Batman listened to what the Penguin had to say whereas the Penguin only talked over Batman.