Famous Last Words by Katie Alender – Reading Blog 17


Book #  17                              Words: 71513                                    Date:  20/Nov/2014


Title:  Famous Last Words                                                                  Author: Alender, Katie                                


Genre ~ Fiction Type:   Realistic Fiction      



  • Opening Sentence:

Nothing glittered.



  • Favourite word / phrase / sentence:

This is the kind of dream you don’t wake up from, Henry.




  • Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definition:

Psychoanalyze – A theory meant to treat mental disorders (noun)




  • Reflection, Connection & Personal Response:

When I first started this book, I thought it was the type of book that you read a little of, then give up on it. But I was completely wrong. This book kept me interested and engaged at all times. The scary moments made me scared, of course but most importantly it made me want to read more. When I started this book I thought it wouldn’t be as scary as it is now. The main character Willa is just a teenage girl in pain. Her father had suffered a heart attack in a pool and she had been trying to get in touch with him ever since. How would she get in touch with him when he’s dead you may ask. Well, Willa used a closed, unknown method from a book that had been removed from all libraries. This then triggered a chain reaction of ghosts haunting her house that she had stayed in. Willa has changed a lot. She at first was this girl who was like any other girls on earth. She was a girl that had homework, moved to different countries and had a mom. But throughout the book she changed. She had slowly become into a girl that was aware of what was around her a girl who was curious and also a girl who didn’t care about her image as much as she had before. The reason why I say that she didn’t care about her image is because she hung out with a person nobody has. Wyatt. Wyatt is a boy that is a loner. He sits alone during lunch and has no friends. This is all because of one thing. The mystery. Ever since the times of the nineties there was a killer in Hollywood, the Hollywood murderer. This person killed anyone who auditioned for a part of a play and got away with it every single time. From this book, I have learned to look outside the box, and to also stay open to any suggestions thrown at you. Anyone should read this book. It is amazing, scary and engaging.

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