Allegiant by Veronica Roth – Reading Blog 21 (22)


Book #  21 (22)                                   Words: 110354                                  Date: Jan/6/2015


Title:   Allegiant                                                                       Author: Roth, Veronica                                  


Genre ~ Fiction Type: Science Fiction        



  • Opening Sentence:

I pace in our cell in Erudite headquarters, her words echoing in my mind: My name will be Edith Prior and there is much I am happy to forget.



  • Favourite word / phrase / sentence:

I stand, though I’m weak and dizzy from the serum. The room is packed with people, shoulder to shoulder, and I can’t find the exit for a few long seconds, until someone takes my arm, a boy with warm brown skin and a wide smile – Uriah.




  • Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definition:

liberated – to be free (v)




  • Reflection, Connection & Personal Response:

Sometimes I feel like Tris. I feel an urge to help people who had hurt me before too. This is like the postion Tris was in. Although Celab was a person that did hurt Tris and betray her, she still protected him by throwing herself at the bullet that was meant to kill Celab. Tris then ended up dead because of the bullet she took for him. Even though I am not put in that situation, I also feel an urge to help people when they are in trouble or put in a position where they are stuck. When I started this book I thought that this book was going to be unlike the other two books. The reason why I thought this was because in the beginning it was really calm and less violent than the others. But I was wrong. In the end I was wrong. Many people had died, including the main character, Tris. To me I felt that this book wasn’t as good as the other two. Although I love the way the author writes, I found the plot slightly shocking. Not many authors would go and kill their main character as the readers expect a ‘happy ending’, but Veronica Roth decided to make it a little sad. Other people like Tori had died as well. She was also a really important character to the book as well. She was the person who had directed Tris around and also partially protected her too. Without Tori, Tris would have been long dead. But overall I like this book. Other than the deaths of many important people I’d say that this book was a great book to read and other should read it too.