Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela – Reading Blog 18 (19)(20)


Book # 18 (19)(20)                              Words: 247392                                              Date: 9/Dec/2014


Title:  Long Walk to Freedom                                                                     Author: Mandela, Nelson                                


Genre ~ Non-Fiction: Autobiography        



  • Opening Sentence:

Apart from life, a strong constitution, and an abiding connection to the Thembu royal house, the only thing my father bestowed upon me at birth was a name, Rolihlahla.



  • Favourite word / phrase / sentence:

She said the devil would certainly take me to task for my sin.



  • Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definition:

Thatched- a roof covering of straw, reeds, palm leaves and anything close to the material



  • Reflection, Connection & Personal Response:

When I first picked out this book my sister told me that it was too hard for me to read. She was obviously right but still I wanted to read it. This book took me awhile to read. At times I found it boring but then I kept pushing on. In the end I learnt a valuable lesson from Mandela, it was to keep on trying. The way I read was also demonstrating this technique. I did push myself to read it and when I had problems such as unknown words, I asked. With this, I learned lots more words that I had not known. This book is an amazing book. This not only shows how you have to keep pushing yourself, it also shows the life of Mandela himself. I learned a lot about Mandela too. His life while he was staying in prison was terrible too. I have never been in the same situation as Mandela. I have never been to prison for doing nothing bad and I also have never stood up for something I believed in. Now, I know to not only keep on trying, I also need to stand up in what I believe in too, and to also take risks. This book was an amazing book anyone should try reading and like before even though some parts may be a bit boring, just push on and the lesson behind the whole book will stand out.