PBL Reflection

Throughout the PBL unit, I feel accomplished because I thought that I had done my best in everything. I personally feel that this unit had got me thinking about science in a different way and I felt that it also made me study and get more information so I am able to present and build my model. I think that my learning from this unit is more thorough as I think that it is more involved than just listening and I think that I had learned a lot better this way than we usually do. For my model, we were supposed to use the design cycle in my testing and refinement, I think I used this because we did have lots of issues we needed to solve and to do that, we needed to use this cycle to make it possible. I think we used this cycle because firstly, for define, we had to get what we needed to improve and what problem it was, after, I think for collect information, we then took everything we knew and also collected materials that we thought we needed to solve the problem. Next was brainstorming ideas, I think we did this when we were collecting information too as we can think about both things at once since it is about the same thing. Then I think we did developing when we were building and making the model better. I think that we showed and got feedback from our peers when we did the peer presentation in class and that really helped us practice our presentation skills and also helped us gain feedback on what we needed to work on and what we did well. Lastly, I think we had finished this last step of improving because without that, we wouldn’t have been able to get things to a higher standard or level and if we didn’t improve, we would always be at the same level as we were when we started. I think that the effectiveness of my model when I am teaching someone about my system would be very effective to their knowledge of the heart. I personally think that my model shows a basic idea on how the system works, but I think it shows an even more detailed amount of information of the heart. In the heart of the system, my model has shown the four chambers, the valves and also the way the heart pumps. It also shows the aorta which was supposed to be the funnel and also it showed us a clear simple understanding of the pumping and the valves. What I have learnt when I was building my model was the placement of things on the heart, for example the tubes and where the veins went and where the arteries went and so on. I say this because we actually had to place these tubes on the correct spaces so our information would be correct, so I think that it made me learn more about the placement of things in the heart. If I did have another chance into doing my model again, I would say that I would maybe try and make a different model that was a bit more complicated and more advanced than this current one. I say this because I personally think that we ca take it one step higher and make the model more like the actual system we have in our bodies. With that, I think that it would give us a higher grade and also a higher level of understanding. This project helped me understand the importance of creativity, collaboration, and resilience because firstly, if I didn’t have creativity, I wouldn’t be good enough to build a simple model secondly, if I didn’t have collaboration, I wouldn’t have gotten different types of thinking from a different perspective. With collaboration, I also was able to have an extra hand that helped me cover the holes of the bottle when it was leaking and also help me whenever I needed help. Lastly, if I didn’t have resilience, I wouldn’t have been able to last through the whole time with all the problems we have faced. If I didn’t have that, I would have given up a long time ago. Overall, I personally think that this project taught me lots of things that I can even take and use in my future life. I think that even with the hardships and problems my partner and I have faced, we still did a good job and we also had great teamwork that pushed us through the times of making the model.