The Rule of Thirds by Chantel Guertin – Reading Blog 23


Book #  23                               Words:  65824                                   Date: Jan/20/2015


Title:  The Rule of Thirds                                                               Author: Chantel Guertin                                 


Genre ~ Fiction Type: Realistic Fiction         



  • Opening Sentence:

“Can you Photoshop this?” Dace asks.


  • Favourite word / phrase / sentence:

There is clearly, obviously, something wrong with my phone right now. I’m not getting any texts.



  • Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definition:

Ashen – Very pale with shock (v)



  • Reflection, Connection & Personal Response:

When I first saw this book I automatically saw an amazing eye catching cover that made me want to read this book. Although you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, I just loved this book since then. When I started reading it, I learned that the main character of this book was Pippa or Philadelphia Greene. Pippa was a girl that was interested in photography and she had entered a photography competition. Two boys then greeted Pippa. One being her rival in her competition and two, the boy she had liked since she had entered this school. This rival of Pippa’s is Ben. He is a person who tends to trick people into doing things. For instance, Pippa’s camera and her photos for the instrument were stolen when he had pretended that he was her boyfriend. For her crush, he is Dylan. Dylan is a person who is well known around the whole school. He also currently has a slowly improving cancer. Since Pippa’s dad had died from cancer, she was terribly afraid of cancer. To deal with this, Dylan had told Pippa that he worked in the Hospital as a volunteer. In the end, Ben had stolen her photos and Dylan had become her boyfriend. But what happened to her current situation, the competition at hand? Well, Pippa had dealt with this by taking new photos. These photos consisted of her dad and Dylan and them getting over, or dying from cancer. She had learned on how to get over the fact that some will get cancer and die while some others will get cancer and live. She had both experiences and she had gotten over her fear of cancer. I have gone through something like what Pippa had gone through. Like her dad, my grandfather also got pancreatic cancer. Also like her dad, he had died. This was a terrible experience, but we all need to learn that everyone will eventually die. It would just depend on whether they die earlier or later. I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in photography. Even though it only has a little detail of photography, it does revolve around the competition and there are competitions of the best photos in the real world. This would then give them a snip bit of how a real competition would feel like. I would also recommend this book to any one young or old because this book has taught me to let go of things and I think that some others would need to learn this lesson too.