SML – #1 Reflection

I am learning american sign language. I chose to learn ASL, since one of my cousins has been deaf her whole life and I’ve never been able to communicate with her, but if I do learn ASL, I will finally be able to. I personally have not been enjoying SML I feel that I had a good motive to learn ASL but I am not too passionate about it. Most of the challenges I have encountered were the actual learning of SML. There is not a website that will teach you everything so I’ve had to make myself a textbook with phrases and words I want to know and search them up on a ASL dictionary. My project has not changed since the beginning, I’ve been planing to show a video of me and someone else communicating in ASL. I am proud of learning over 50 ASL words and phrases. I do not feel very creative during SML because learning a language does not allow  you to be creative. I have learned many different words, phrase, the ABC’s, and numbers which are all essential for learning American Sign Language. I’ve learned that I work well as an independent learner because I can move at however pace I want, and learning this way makes me most successful. I like and don’t like the structure of how SML is taught, because I do work better independently but I would like to have an outline of a course so I don’t need to search through hundreds of websites, which frustrates me.

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