Mystery Mania Book Review

A picture of me during my speech.


All the seventh grade students had read a mystery novel, and this was their chance to make one of their mystery characters come alive, for the camera.The character of Temperance Brennan from the novel Death Du Jour by Kathy Reichs was professionally portrayed by Thea Gentzbourger.


The voice of a character is one of the most important parts of giving a book review speech but unfortunately I did not have good voice modulation in my speech. I think I did well at keeping my voice loud enough for everyone to hear and I was also clear enough to understand.  I also didn’t speak too fast or too slow, unfortunately at some points I wasn’t talking very fluently. Whilst I was talking I almost always  kept the same tone of voice which isn’t good.


When doing a book review you must try your best to use your space, engage your audience and portray your character the best you can, but I don’t think I did any of that very well. I did not make many attempts to use my space or make any gestures. I did make eye contact with a lot of people, but I think I should of engaged the audience more. I dressed up well too look like my character but in my speech I didn’t portray my character well.


The content of a presentation is the most important part, because it is what you are trying to teach people, and I think I covered the setting, conflict and characters well.  In my speech I gave the main idea of the story and what was the problem that occurred, and I also included other characters apart from my own character that I played.