PBL Reflection


2 main traits I saw in myself during the PBL unit is perserverence and leadership. I saw perserverence in my self when I would test out my project or try to make something stick together and it wouldn’t work but I still tried to brainstorm other ways I can do it so I can get it too work. I also saw leadership in myself during the whole PBL unit because I was working alone so I had to take intiative for everytihng and not let everyone else do sstuff for me.


Collaboration and teamwork were one of the biggest things during PBL because even though I wasn’t in a group everyone else was around them and I had to collaborate well with them and we also could brainstorm together even though we weren’t in the same group as each other, other groups could help me with a part of difficulty for me and I could help them.


This video was my favorite collaborative video beacause even though there was a simple decision at the start they listened to the others brainstormed, and worked around his preference even though at the end they went with their oringinal idea.