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I felt that being able to write about anything of my choice was both fun and creative. I say this because over the whole month of November I thought I strengthened as a writer by being able to put a memory that was related to my life onto paper. I did keep the normal writing pace over NaNoWriMo at a steady pace, but sometime the pace would be broken if I had a break, a lond day, or some other reason. I felt that I had a good portion of my story finished, but I also thought that if I had a bit more time I would have been able to finish the story.

I learned that the experience of having a goal for writing was different then I expected. I learned that over the all the time you have to write, you learn how you can just write whatever you want, without restrictions.  And on the way, you also learn to improve writing even if you don’t notice you are while your writing.  Which I thought I some what did while I was writing my story.

And in conclusion, I will not finish my story to have it published online. I can promise this because A, I am now exhausted from writing everyday, and B, I feel that I should focus on improving my writing more and more before I think about writing another story for NaNoWriMo.

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