(M)onthly(I)ndependent(B)ook(P)roject: Animal Farm- Post #1 March

Animal Farm


By George Orwell


Brain Frame

Character Analysis

Character: Snowball

Animal: Pig

Significance to the Russian Revolutionary: Leader Leon Trotsky

Brain Frame: Categorizing and Comparing.


Snowball Character Analysis

Snowball is one of the main characters in animal farm, before he was driven out of the farm by the dogs. Snowball is a pig that believed in the equality of all animals, and that all humans should be overthrown. Snowball had begun the process of advising other animals to follow the ways of Old Major, fighting off Mr.Jones, and causing other animals to want to learn how to read and write. Snowball’s main traits as a character were that he was a leader, and for the cause of overthrowing the humans. Snowball also made the first army for the animals on Animal Farm. Snowball also planned to build the windmill, so it would benefit the animals on the farm. However, Snowball was exiled from Animal Farm by Napoleon, and was thought of as a traitor.
Leon Trotsky Character Analysis

Leon Trotsky was a political activist in Russia and was also a huge political figure during the revolution. During the Russian Revolution, Leon Trotsky was for the democratic party in Russia, until the Bolshevik party had come into power, which made Trotsky switch sides. Leon Trotsky then followed the leader of the party, who was Vladimir Lenin; Trotsky told the people of the new Soviet Union that communism is the only real way for life to prevail. Trotsky formed the Red Army and was made the head. He influenced outside countries to follow the communist government. After Lenin had died, Stalin ordered that Trotsky be exiled and then later assassinated in Mexico.

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