(M)onthly(I)ndependent(B)ook(P)roject: Animal Farm- Post #2 March

Animal Farm


By George Orwell


Themes of Animal Farm In Propaganda And Political Cartoons



I decided to show the different themes of Animal Farm in a different manner then I would normally. I decided that I would show the themes of animal farm through propaganda drawings and political cartoons. I made a poster relating to the first theme, which was power corrupts all. The poster was a picture of a pig with a hat, with one of the quotes in the story that showed how because of ones power they feel the need to control everything in life. The quote was, Napoleon Is Always Right. I thought that this showed the soul purpose of the theme because of how if one develops an unhealthy friendship with greed and power, they usually want to be controlling over people, so they wont lose their power.

The second theme was drawn out by a political cartoon of three pigs, one rewriting a Seventh Commandment ( All animals are equal.) and changing it to ( All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.) The other two pigs are toasting to each other with a glass full of beer. I chose this symbol because it showed how the pigs were violating the  laws for their own purposes. I thought that this showed how animals could not be equal in Animal Farm because of how the pigs were bypassing the laws each time and were being hypocritical as well. This shows how because of one person feeling higher than another in society, they tend to believe that they can bypass the laws, which is completely incorrect.


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