Eighth Grade Playlist- Name: Farewell

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Brief Description:

The playlist that you see before you  is made up of numerous songs from various genres. From Rock, to Country music, the playlist is a reflection of my Eighth grade year, both academically and socially. All of these songs I had found this year and had continued listening to from the very start. All of the songs have a symbolical meaning to the experiences that I had this year. Some being good, but also some being very unpleasant and confusing moments of the year.


Song #1 Wagon Wheel By Darius Rucker

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I chose this song as the first one because at the beginning of this year, and the last, and the very first school year that I came here, I never felt like I fit in. Mainly because of where I was from in the US. I lived in South Carolina where I was taught several customs of being respectful and kind to others. However, when I moved here it felt completely different to me because everyone seemed different and talked different. So this song reminds me of my old home because it specifically just talks about the southern US.

Song #2 Where Everybody Knows Your Name By Gary Portnoy

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This song is actually a theme song that I found in the past week. The song is the intro to a show set in a Boston bar, where friends get together and have fun. I thought that this reminded me of how much fun I had with my friends. But instead of a bar, we hung out at a table on the second floor. The song also reminds me about how good my friends are to me, but more importantly, It reminds me of how much I appreciate my friends as well. If my friends weren’t here for me, then this song would have no meaning to me.

Song #3 Stan By Eminem

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The song Stan, by Eminem, is about an out of control fan that keeps on sending messages to the Eminem. The song starts with three messages; each progressing by each letter, until the crazy fan, Stan, ends up killing himself and his pregnant girlfriend in a car crash. Well I can’t relate to having a crazy fan, but I can relate to a good friendship that I had that ended this year. I felt that the friendship ended because the friend that I had started to make comments that I didn’t specifically like towards me, and others. A similarity between the song was that these comments came in small messages to me until I finally realized that it was time to stop.

Song #4 Here I Go Again- USA Remix By Whitesnake

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This song Here I go Again, is what I listen to when I need inspiration, or need to get hyped. Whenever I had a test, or I was working, or was about to play an important baseball game, I would listen to this song because of how it gave me a hyped feeling. Although I found the song about a month ago, I still use it when I work because it keeps me focused on my goal.

Song #5 American Pie By Don McLean

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I started listening to this song by Don McLean ever since I was a kid in the US, but when i moved here, it became a forgotten memory. However, this year, while listening to a greatest rock radio on Spotify, This song had come back to me after listening to the first 30 seconds. Ever since I was reunited with the song, I felt like I had something that came back to me, which made me feel cheery ever since.

Song #6 The Scientist By Coldplay

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I found this song at the beginning of the year, thanks to my art teacher playing it during class. Ever since I discovered The Scientist by Coldplay, I’ve listened to it as one of my favorites. I listened to it as a song to help me relax when I was stressed, or to remind me that everything was alright when I was mad, or scared. The piano and the tune of the song is probably what makes me feel the way I do when I hear the song because of how calm it sounds.

Song #7 Home By Phillip Phillips

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The song Home, by Phillip Phillips, is a song written to talk about the one place where everyone feels welcome…home. This song became more influential to me when I found out that I was moving back to my old home in the US; to my old house; to my old friends. This just started to make me feel more overjoyed. Home is where you make it, but I think that eighth grade has given me a bigger influence as Hong Kong being my second home.

Song #8 Voodoo Child By Jimi Hendrix

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This song by Jimi Hendrix is just another work song hat I had listened to when I needed to get hyped or get work finished quickly. My favorite part of the song is in the beginning with the guitar intro. It just sounded cool to me because the sound was so different and complex from what I had heard from all these other rock songs from before. I also thought that it’s rhythm was different and good compared to every other rock song that I had heard before.

Song #9 Nothing Else Matters By Metallica

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The song Nothing Else matters, by Metallica was a song that i heard from a radio station. The song sounded depressing and different compared to everything else that I heard. The funny thing, or maybe not, was that I was going through a bad time in the school year. I felt too tired, i felt like I was stupid, and I thought that I was becoming trash at baseball. But the song made me feel a little less. Although I could’ve taken the message wrong, I felt that it helped me persevere through my tuff time.

Song #10 Downtown By Macklemore

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The song Downtown by Macklemore wasn’t my best idea to put on my playlist, but I still thought that it was an honorable notice. I think the reason why I like it was not only because it was a rap song that had just come out on Spotify, but also because it was talking about city life. Living in Hong Kong gives me only a glimpse of living in a city. A crowded, smelly, but mainly always interesting place. I think that this was the main reason why I like the song cause I could somewhat relate to the message.

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