Photographic Map Project

Photo on 3-12-15 at 9.06 am



The places that I chose for my project were the field, my living room, the dragons back mountain view, and a segment of the second floor of HKIS. I chose the field because it was the place where my friends and I could play around and practice our sports for fun. Also it was a place where I can just do what ever I want. I chose my living room because it’s where I do mostly everything at home. Homework, watching TV, hanging out with friends, etcetera. I chose the dragons back mountain view because I thought that it was a nice view and range of HKIS’s surroundings. I chose the one segment of HKIS because it’s where I hang out and where I talk to my friends at school.

Over the time photographing the places, I realized how different they were when I payed attention. Each of the places seemed more peaceful, not just because there weren’t crowds of people, but also because I saw how they resembled a part of me. How one of each location represented a certain trait of mine, such as friendhip, or competetiveness.

I thought that for me to creative, and for my map to work, I needed to put the map in a puzzle like format. If I put it in a collage, the photos wouldn’t seem right by being mixed all around. When you keep it as a ceratin map thats planned out, you can have space thats just right for the photos.

I put the map together by trying to make it realistic as possible. The way that I started off was by taking photos of the skyline and mountain range and then placing outdoor photos ontop. Then putting indoor photos at the bottom. Trying to keep the photos as realistically matched as possible. Therefore, keeping the photos closely matched by location as well. Having the field matched with the dragons back and the school underneath the field, keeping them close in venue.