Photography task #2

Art room


The compositional rules that I added to the photo were the rules of diagnol lines and rule of definition.

I was trying to make the image give a calm and silent emotion. Making it give the audience a calm feeling. Looking at the image of art supplies that are used to create art work, that are used for creative materials.

Besides the image being in black and white, the arrangement of items are important. The arrangement of the items being in layers is somewhat like adding more detail to the photo. Also, the compositional lines in the photo are also important because of the outlines of the drawing. The final componant is the background. If the background is full of several moving, or non moving bojects, then it becomes hard to focus on the main idea of the photo.

(MINP) Monthly Independent Project: American Sniperq

American Sniper

Climax event image.



The image shows events and objects that were apart of the climax and also from the resolution of the great masterpiee of Chris Kyle, the real American Sniper.

There is the an image of the sniper rifle that was used mainly during Chris Kyle’s four tours in the Middle East. The gun is also what resembles Mr. Kyles defensive nature, trying to defend the people on the ground and of his country. Also there is a beachball which was one of the objects that was seen in Mr. Kyles tours when he saw insurgents trying to cross the river on four bloated beachballs. Then there was an American flag with two holes shot out of it. This was when Chris Kyle had put a flag on a pole, ontop of a conquered hospital in Iraq. And there was also a plaque with a quote on it that says, “Despite what your mama told ya, violence does solve problems.”

This was a quote written by one of his good friends that died from injuries in Iraq.

5.1.3 Learning Log

What the class learned today was how to multiply fractions and explaining how to show not by solving the problem and to explain how you got your answer. An example is 6/11 of 2/7 the first thing to do is to get 6/11 and then without drawing a graph and then show 2/7 out of it knowing that 7 times 11 equals 77 and so you have 77 pieces all together and you know that 6 times 2 equals 12 giving you 12/77.

Learning Log 4.2.2

What we learned today was how to enlarge and shrink a picture the right way by multiplying for enlarging and dividing for shrinking. How we would do this is by seeing a number like lets say you had a triangle and wanted to enlarge it your base was 4 and your height was 8. If you wanted to enlarge it to two times its original size then you would multiply both by 2 giving the base 8 and the height 16. For shrinking you would divide so 4 is still our base and 8 is still our divide it by two and you would have 2 and 4.

Learning Log 3-117

This lesson what we have learned about the absolute zero method is when you have a negative or positive integer that tells you how far away from zero the number is. Also the absolute zero method helps you understand how far away the number is in a situation. In one of the problems today we had the problem when we had to look at two numbers and determine how cold they were and than tell which one it was.