(M)onthly (I)ndependent (B)ook (P)roject: Hero On A Bicycle Poem, October #1

Hero On A Bicycle


By Shirley Hughes



The land lay scared with desolation and disaster.

The land lay with blood spilt that shouldn’t have been.

People and families migrating out of fear and loss,

yet still having something left that has not been taken

from the war.

The treasure that once was here had been taken from us,

and all the wealth it provided, taken by the gestapo’s gunpoint.

After the evil had left the land that once was flourished by vast

vineyards and faces of happiness.

Now that the shells stopped shooting and my bicycles return along with my

fathers. Although life will never be the same life has gotten sweeter

in taste and more bearable.


Review: The poem is supposed to show the main character, Paolo Crivelli’s, opinion at the end of the novel Hero On A Bicycle. The story reflects on paolos visualization of the German occupation in Florence, Italy. Bringing back memories and expieriences of the past. Reflecting on the past events in the falling action which eventually bringing the poem to the ending of the story with the happy events that had happened. Such as the end of the occupation, Palos father coming back, and his bicycle being returned.


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