(M)onthly(I)ndependent(B)ook(P)roject: Unbroken- December #1



By Laura Hillenbrand


The Beginning.


A boy came across a long road.

One road that submerged into two seperate roads.

One leading to a mountain and the other to a valley

full of desolate despare.

The boy walked on the path to the valley, curiosity controlling him.

With each growing step the boy took he found thoughts of hatred and

mischief. The boy continued on his journey until he saw the valley from the

top of the descent. He saw the land was barren and there was nothing for him.

The boy turned around and headed for the mountain, running faster than ever.

Eventually he reached the slope of the mountain and could see something emerging.

Something glowing and shimmering like gold, with the purest light to be seen.

When the boy reached the summit of his destination, he found the greatest treasure,

his dream.


Review: The poem was written in honor of Louis Zamperini, the olympic runner who had run the fastest 400 meter lap in history, and the main character of Unbroken, by Luara Hillenbrand. The poem summarizes his early beginnings in life. Living the life of a child thief who stole, fought, cheated, and lived the life of a criminal. Until, his elder brother, Peter Zamperini, had found Louis talent in running. Louis Zamperini was trained by his elder brother to become a great runner, eventually running for the United States in the 1936, Olympic games.

The Poem, shows his early life of being a thief and then changing his life’s course of destination by becoming a famous athelete and finding the greatest treasure of all which is having something that no one can take away from you which is glory.




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