Goals for Semester One

Writing Goals

Goal: Have a more variety of word choice

S is it specific? I will improve in having a more variety of word choice by the end of the year so I get better grades and can make my story more fun to read.

is it measurable? I will know and will not use any of the simple words. (Such as happy, sad, angry)

is it actionable? I will search up more varieties of word as I will write something short everything (Such as a journal) and will start getting MEs on my tests.

 is it realistic? By keeping track of what words I keep on having to fix, I will focus on those words

is it timely? If I write everyday and be consistent, I should never have to use simple words by the end of the year.

Reading Goals

Goal: Think more about the book I read such as thinking of what would happen next

is it specific? I will improve on thinking about my books more by the end of the school year. So that reading can be much more fun when I read and I can do it naturally.

M is it measurable? I should be able to think about the book as I read by myself naturally without having to force myself to think.

is it actionable? I will write sticky notes of what would happen ever chapter or 10 pages so that I can do it in myself without stickynotes.

R is it realistic? If I bring my sticky to home and use my reading time, I would have enough skills without using stickies.

is it timely? If I use my time in this just as much as I read I can definitely do it by the end of the school year.

Semester 2 Goals


Goal: Spend 15 min every weekdays on working on places that I need to improve on, by using NoRedInk.

is it specific? I think my last one was too specific and challenging so I will widen it and make it so that I am able to finish this goal.

is it measurable? Yes. NoRedInk keeps track of it by itself. If look at progress you can see how much I worked on it.

is it actionable? If I use my time wisely I will have plenty of time for NoRedInk

is it realistic? 15 min is a short time and is easy, but if I do this everyday, I think I will see some changes.

is it timely? Everyday I have at least 50 min of TV. So I can take my time off TV and do this instead.


Goal: I will read 20 books by the end of this semester, as after I read 30 books, I became very lazy with my reading and I want to keep track of it.

S is it specific? I will have to just read exactly 20 books by the end of semester that wouldn’t be too challenging.

M is it measurable? This can be recorded by using the reading log.

A is it actionable? It is actionable as I read 30 books by November, and I don’t think it’ll be too much of a challenge to finish 20 books.

is it realistic? If I read before I sleep and go back home, it won’t be too challenging to read 20 books.

is it timely? I take 1 hour and 15 min to get to home, so if I read every few days this goal will be accomplished.

Q2 Work Habits Rubric

Q2 Goals Presentation

Q3 Goals


Goal: I will add at least 50 words to my wonder word wall

S it is specifiic as I have to just exactly only read 5 books by the end of the quarter.

M It is measurable as you can look at the blog and see my progress

A it is actionable as I was able to do 100 in one quarter when I really tried so I bet if I do it naturally I’ll get the words in really quick.

R it is realistic as if I keep a sticky note around or something I can write on the books I read, then it’d be finished without much problems

T it is timely as if I take the same time as I read now and just work on my wonder wall, it’d be done in no time


Goal: I will work on NoRedInk for 15 min 3 times every week.

S It is specific as I have time and how many times I’m going to work on NoRedInk in my goal.

M it is measureable as  NoRedInk actually has a progress sheet of how much you’ve finished

A It is attainable as I won’t get lazy and stop doing it if it’s 3 times during a week.

R it is realistic as I have many free time and I can use 15 minutes of every week.

T it is timely as I can keep up with 15 minutes 3 times every week.

Goal Grades

Work Habits Rubric Q4

Q4 Goals Oral

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