Lego Car Reflection

Photo on 31-8-15 at 9.00 amPhoto on 31-8-15 at 9.21 am Photo on 31-8-15 at 9.21 am #3

In this project I made a car that would not break from a fall and would go straight and go far. In the beginning I though of making a, small car, with 2 long sticks and small wheels so that it could get rid of all the weight, but because it was so light, it would easily turn and wouldn’t go straight even if I made the wheels even. Then I thought of a bicycle, and I got big wheels, hoping it would go farther, as when a bicycle has bigger wheels, it would go farther and I thought it would help. This did make it go straight but the wheels were too small for the stick so. I made it like the picture above, but I had way too many extra parts. I wasn’t able to get a photo but after removing the extra parts it is basically the photo on the top. We also had to make the car to be able to make a drop without breaking it, so the big wheels came in handy again, as they were rubber, and could handle the fall from any angle, as the wheels were covering it. I also made the car go straight by making the wheels completely even, but when we had no more time to improve the car and change it, I tried throwing the car very hard and the wheel came off, making the car tilt right before we did the little competition and failed, but I would still say it was a good car. In this I learned that you shouldn’t try to change a project right before it is due, and not knowing the results and that I should test multiple results first and choose the one that works best.

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