Fake Facebook Page October

In this reading blog post, I did a blog post about the book Divergent written by Veronica Roth. This multimedia post shows how the characters felt about each other in the beginning of the book. As Tris used to be a Abregation, the top shows how his brother felt when she left. The posts constantly have Peter in it, which shows how much they despise each other. The next post shows her friendship with Christina. Also in the book, Peter calls Tris a “Stiff” and also included it in this facebook post.

Citations: Divergent. Dir. Neil Burger. Perf. Shailene Woodly. 2014. Film.

2 thoughts on “Fake Facebook Page October

  1. Ryan A says:

    Good job on the blog post. I like how you were able to add all the characters and get into their personailtes. Good Job Simon Kye.

  2. Andrew L says:

    I like how you showed the basic personalities of the characters. However, I think you should have added some of the expositional plot(Her parents, Caleb)

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