Robotics Pulley Reflections

For my collaborative process, I worked with my partner Erik Kang, and it wasn’t the best collaboration we could’ve shown. While we did this, we gave each other roles that we should do, such as build things. For example, I would build the wheels, and Eric would work on the strucutre, but the end was not so great when we planned things. When I would say please work on this part during break, or we’re not going to get it finished, I would hope he finished the work so I could continue mine, but Eric wouldn’t show up at those times, he also in the end, we decided roles, and he would work on the coding for the automated machine, and I asked him to work at home for it but he took a week and a half to finish it and it was quite frustrating, but when we were both building, we were quite effective at building. Idea Development Process In the beginning, we thought of making 3 short empty boxes and place the last one at the edge, and the pullies were set out like this. But then when we actually looked at our resources we realised that we didn’t have enough resources and we switched our idea to this. Then we put it as planned and did a stupid mistake where we realised it would be extremely difficult to put the string through so we had to make it into a straight line. We also realised that the string was sliding off, so we got rid of the tires so that the string wouldn’t slide off. Maybe our design was bad, but the string was very difficult to pull and was hard to do when we tried pulling on the strings and they overlapped each other creating friction so I removed 2 wheels so that there would be less strings overlapping, next we also realised that the line was bending when pulling on the rope and we decided to put some support on the lines by putting legos on the bottom of the lines so it wouldn’t bend as much. Then when we pulled the line it actually worked. So when we built our motor, we removed the top wheel and replaced it with that and how it worked was the motor would pull the string roll it up around a plastic, we realised that plastic also bent, so we put a little lego on the plastic so that didn’t bend either. I was concerned that it wouldn’t work because we didn’t plan very well, I was also scared if we could even get the bottle to go up even if the plastic didn’t bend. Next time I think I should plan out our project more carefully, as we just went with what we got and didn’t plan too much.

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  1. Dean L says:

    Simon, sorry to hear that your collaborative process was at times frustrating. Indeed a potential problem with collaborative situations. I am hopeful that the experience will help you enter similar situations with positive outcomes. Unfortunately your post is not as effective as expected / wanted. The post should have reflected your processes , in order , with headers, images and final video. Images should have been cropped, resized and have been placed with written descriptions. We spoke about this in class on numerous occasions. I hope to see improvements in your post reflection in your next project.

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