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These songs show how I’ve felt throughout this year in Grade 8. I have many themes in this playlist. Such as happiness, stress, and resistance.

1. Started from the Bottom – By Drake

I chose this song as it literally says it in the title and the lyrics. It shows how far I’ve grown from the beginning of the year. It was challenging in some points but we’re all here.

2. Stressed Out – By 21 Pilots

During this year, in some points, I felt stressed out during some projects. It could be because of due dates or teammates. Stress is one of the biggest problem in school but we’re going to have to make good use of it. As we learned from our TED Talk.

3. 7 Years – By Lukas Graham

This song is kind of depressing. But it more represents how far I’ve gone and how much I’ve changed from the beginning of the year, or the beginning of middle school. It also talks about the future and whats going to happen and I feel like I have a clear vision of my future.

4. On Top of the World – By Imagine Dragons

This song is talks about how you’re on top of the world after waiting. This exactly represents grade 8. It shows how after waiting and working for a while, I’m finally on the top and have reached my goal. Even though there’ll be more in grade 9 and onwards.

5. Happy – By Pharrell Williams

This song just represents how this year was one of the most fun years I had in HKIS and how amazing it was. The experiences I had were interesting and I was overall happy during grade 8.

6. Stronger – By Kelly Klarkson

This song  shows resilience and independence. Something required and used in grade 8. It shows you have to be resilient and that you’ll grow from your problems and make you stronger. Which is what I did in 8th grade. As I learned from my mistakes and tried to fix it.

7. Love Myself – By Hailee Steinfield

This song shows that you should care about yourself and that you should grow your independence and thats what I did in grade 8. As it tested my independence during certain activities.

8. Fight Song – By Rachel Platten

This song talks about how you should believe in yourself and that you can get through anything if you try. No matter how big the problem is, you should be resilient. I was resilient in 8th grade with difficult projects.

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