Champion Reflection

I really enjoyed the fact of that I got to find out more about a person I didn’t know about and learned about them and how they were a champion. I also enjoyed how we got to become and act like the person so we could really understand what they went through. It was also cool to see all my projects in one place and show off what I did and explain it to other people.

I liked the tips and templates that were given to us for every one of our pieces. This helped me go through all the steps really   clearly and easily throughout the entire unit.

I found it challenging to talk in front of everyone and not be nervous such as the press conference, and also when the parents came it was quite challenging. Also if you didn’t have the person’s speech or how they would speak, or you only had few quotes. I found it challenging to think of how the person would talk. Also just to act like the person was challenging as you get rid of your own opinions and think from the other person’s perspective. That was quite challenging as well.

If I had to do this unit again, I would’ve chosen more better answers for my press conference as the answers might’ve fit for almost every other champions. I would’ve been more time managing as I would’ve gotten better grades for my timeline and online portfolio. I would’ve also put more time in revising my writing pieces.

I think this helped me become a more compassionate person as this helped me think in another person’s perspective how things would work and this help me realise of how other people would think about situations differently from me and helped me become a more selfless person.

I don’t think the facebook post should exist as it is just gathering all your facts and just putting them in a template which sort of feels like the online portfolio.

SS Unit 2 Review

In social studies so far for unit 2, we are studying chapter 30. I know the problems that can happen if there is too much people in a country such as China. I learned what could happen if a country has too much population. Of the downsides, such as droughts can lead to many deaths at the time before shipping, lots of people mean lots of electricity.

I am aiming for the Armstrong badge. As last time I didn’t try to aim for the Armstrong but I did it anyways. So I think if I try to get the Armstrong badge, that I’d have the potentials to reach the Armstrong badge. I will achieve this by, studying the key words, focusing on the main questions of the unit too.

On my last unit, for my next unit I decided that I would set a goal as to ask my friends or parents to test me the questions or ask them how well I did when I did on the test and that might boost my confidence so that I’m confident and I’m not frustrated during the test. Because when I panic on tests I can’t think properly. This has actually been working a little but isn’t helping me as it isn’t the right timing. As I need to study first. But on the first unit, when I did that, it definitely helped.

For my conferences, it went well as Mr. Pierce said I generally was really good with my grades. But he wanted me to work on my work habits. Such as being organised or being to class on time. My goal is that I should be more organised by cleaning up my locker, as it is a mess.

Umbrella Revolution

            In this blog post I will be talking about the facts and opinions about the umbrella revolution. The umbrella  movement is promoted as a peaceful civil disobedience campaign in which the leaders would mobilise protesters to stage a mass sit-in to blockade Central district as a means to force Beijing to allow Hong Kong what they consider genuine universal suffrage.

What I think about this is that the kids are doing the right thing as they need the right to choose who to vote. As sometimes just few people choosing may not be a wise decision and they could choose people that might only benefit the government. Also many kids think that this is the right thing and if that many people thought that and occupied central, then it is something that can’t be ignored. It also seems that they tried to tell them and they ignored so I think this if so many people demands it and they ignore it this might be the only way to attract attention to tell them what they feel.

I’m still confused why police just come in drag them away one by one or somehow get them out of the city without harming them. Because I think the police actually has the power to stop all of them even without weapons. I want to learn more how students have to be involved in all this as most people that are protesting are young and are students from university.

S.S. Unit 1 Reflection

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 12.38.26 pm

In unit 1 for social studies I learned that all maps have distortions as you can’t make a sphere look flat without making it look weird. We also learned about the symbols in maps such as titles, legends, compass roses, grids and scales. We learned about the latitude and longitude and how they have names such as tropic of cancer. We also learned about the hemisphere, continents, and oceans. Earth and where the sun shines as the Earth rotates. We also learned about the geographic setting, Earth’s climate, Earth’s Vegetation, population density, land and resources and regions.

In the survey, I think I wrote down for the most enjoyable thing in the unit is the projects we get to do that is quite random. Because it distracts me from the stress I guess from school and it’s like learning but in a more fun way where kids don’t thinks it’s boring and it is interesting and I think that’s a good way but students learn much better if the subjects are more interesting. As honestly if we only did textbook things, the grade would be lower.

Mr. Pierce awarded me the Neil Armstrong badge, honestly I would lie that I deserve it as it is the best badge. Honestly when I came into class I wasn’t too ready for the test and wasn’t confident. And the work habits were also a bit off so I found that a little surprising.

1 of the learning strategies that didn’t work for me is just looking through the glossary and trying to remember the meanings. It’s just too boring. So I changed to learn while I do projects so it’s a little more interesting and go through the textbook and check with my work so I remember easily without getting bored. So basically I try to learn in fun ways.

I would set a goal as to ask my friends or parents to test me the questions or ask them how well I did when I did on the test and that might boost my confidence so that I’m confident and I’m not frustrated during the test. Because when I panic on tests I can’t think properly.