S.S. Unit 1 Reflection

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In unit 1 for social studies I learned that all maps have distortions as you can’t make a sphere look flat without making it look weird. We also learned about the symbols in maps such as titles, legends, compass roses, grids and scales. We learned about the latitude and longitude and how they have names such as tropic of cancer. We also learned about the hemisphere, continents, and oceans. Earth and where the sun shines as the Earth rotates. We also learned about the geographic setting, Earth’s climate, Earth’s Vegetation, population density, land and resources and regions.

In the survey, I think I wrote down for the most enjoyable thing in the unit is the projects we get to do that is quite random. Because it distracts me from the stress I guess from school and it’s like learning but in a more fun way where kids don’t thinks it’s boring and it is interesting and I think that’s a good way but students learn much better if the subjects are more interesting. As honestly if we only did textbook things, the grade would be lower.

Mr. Pierce awarded me the Neil Armstrong badge, honestly I would lie that I deserve it as it is the best badge. Honestly when I came into class I wasn’t too ready for the test and wasn’t confident. And the work habits were also a bit off so I found that a little surprising.

1 of the learning strategies that didn’t work for me is just looking through the glossary and trying to remember the meanings. It’s just too boring. So I changed to learn while I do projects so it’s a little more interesting and go through the textbook and check with my work so I remember easily without getting bored. So basically I try to learn in fun ways.

I would set a goal as to ask my friends or parents to test me the questions or ask them how well I did when I did on the test and that might boost my confidence so that I’m confident and I’m not frustrated during the test. Because when I panic on tests I can’t think properly.