Written Response Reading Blog Post

Today I’m going to be writing a written response about the connections of the conflict, about the conflict in “Once”, written by Morris Gleitzman. So there is a conflict where Felix, the main character goes outside of his orphanage and gets to look at the true world and finds out what happening around him.  In the beginning, Felix starts off happy, looking for his parents by going to their old bookshop. He didn’t know the world was dangerous and people told him not to go, but he did thinking everything would be fine. He talks to strangers but then realize that the Nazis are killing every Jews on the streets, and his happy imaginations that the world is fine fades away as he sees the horrid truth of what the Nazis were doing to the Jews. As he saw all the people he know betray him, and watch people being killed. He learned the truth is different from stories.

When I was young, I wasn’t clueless as Felix on what was happening, once I was in a amusement park with my mom and dad. I saw a man dressed in a animal suit and I followed him, but after I was done looking at him, I realized my mom and dad wasn’t here. This was ocean world, so it was a huge place. In the beginning, I felt really confident, I’ll retrace my steps and my mom and dad must be there waiting for me just like how Felix felt.  When I was calling out for my mom and dad where I last saw them, they weren’t there, so I started calling out their names over and over and when people came over to me, just like Felix I said, no thanks I know where to meet my mom and dad and I just sat in the same spot, where they left me. I just waited and waited. About 2 hours passed, and I started realizing the situation that I was going to have to find them myself, and I started searching, and I was young so I started asking people for their phone but they just ignored me. I started wondering what was wrong with the community and the people, and I got a staff’s phone and was able to get a phone, but I wondered what was happening with the world, and felt like I was in a confused situation just like Felix, where I felt like the people in ocean park betrayed me, and how I thought my parents were coming to me and as if everything was fine and nothing bad would happen to me.