Current Events Assignment (Occupy HK)

Occupy Central is a protest that started on September 28, and is still going on to this day. Occupy Central has sparked because people were angered by the Chinese government ruling that they “could vote”, but China gets to pick who could candidate for Hong Kong’s leader. The movement was started by college students, and it caught most of its attention when the police started using tear gas on the students. Occupy Central is mostly a peaceful and organised movement, which is also a reason for creating so much attention. Not everyone is supporting Occupy Central (anti-Occupy protesters), mostly because they fear it would hurt the economy and they might not be able to work and provide food for their families.

At first, I agreed that Hong Kong’s people should protest. Their voices should be heard, and they should be able to pick who they want, not only from China’s choices. But then, I thought about the people who couldn’t go to work, and how Hong Kong is basically paralysed. The bridge man (a anti-Occupy demonstrator) threatened to commit suicide, because his children couldn’t go to school. So Occupy Central has both negative and positive effects to it. Right now I am in the middle of deciding, and just think that they should find a solution where Occupy people could still protest, but keep Hong Kong’s economy going and let families earn money for their livings.

I am still confused about why China doesn’t do anything. I know that they don’t want a pro-democracy campaign spreading from Hong Kong to mainland, and don’t want movement to be thought as a challenge to China. But why don’t they just find a compromise with the protesters, and just end the commotion? Hong Kong might end up in an economic catastrophe, guns may be pulled out, and maybe another anti-Occupant may try to suicide again. Some things I might do to find answers is search google (since I found many good articles there), talk to my brother or dad (since they know quite a lot about Occupy Central), and even visit the protesting in Causeway Bay (which is very close to my house.)


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3 thoughts on “Current Events Assignment (Occupy HK)

  1. Sonia says:

    I like how your summary is clear and short. I also like how you opinion is clear.

  2. Keelin M says:

    That was very informative and it was simple. Your opinion came out strongly and was relavant to the text. I loved the picture and think it connected with lots of people.

  3. Ryan A says:

    I liked what you wrote and why you thought that you needed to say

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