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This is one of the most powerful photos I have seen for the Hong Kong protesting. A man is holding up two umbrellas in unassailable confidence, with only goggles and a  mask to protect himself. There is chaos everywhere around him, gas about to conceal him, umbrellas and litter covering the floor, but he stands strong. To me this is a very powerful picture because you could see the determination and perseverance that he has, like he is never going to back down.






This photo also sends a powerful message. A girl had I think sealed her mouth with tape, an X written across the bottom half of her face. Her eyes convey sorrow and even desperation. I think she is trying to convey that she can’t let her voice be heard, almost like tape is taping her mouth shut. The protesters want democracy but China won’t listen.,-democrats-pledge-to-boycott-it-32016.html

2 thoughts on “HK Protesting Post

  1. Ting Y says:

    Great choices! The first photo includes all of the most well-known elements of the protests but it is not overcrowded. The posture shows empowerment.
    The second image is also very powerful because there is one big main element in the centre so it is very simple but the bold colour of red and the cross makes it interesting and unusual.

  2. Annie B says:

    For the first photo I think it’s very powerful because the person isn’t fighting but he stands strong with only a umbrella, goggles and a mask. I also really like the second photo because the girl shows many emotions just through her eyes and gives a entirely different vibe than it would if she was talking.

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