Quarter 4 Goals


GOAL: This quarter I will record a constant rate of 15-50 words in my wonder words wall for every book I read. I could accomplish this by remembering about my goal, reminding myself, and recording everyday.

S (specific): I will put a stickie note in my book as a bookmark to constantly record words for my wall.

M (measurable): I will write them down them transfer the words and their definitons into my reading log.

A (attainable): I will remember that learning new words is important, and accomplishing my goal is as well.

R (realistic): I will remind myself about my goals and ask my family and friends to encourage me.

T (timely): If I record and discover words whenever I finish a book, I will accomplish this goal by the end of quarter three.


GOAL: This quarter I will practice my comma splices in NoRedInk at least every other day. This goal could be accomplished if I work as hard as possible, remind myself about my goals by bookmarking the site and writing it in my planner, and practicing frequently.

S (specific): I will practice my cursive on NoRedInk which is a website that helps with writing and grammar.

M (measurable): I will record my progress and screenshot a few of my examples.

A (attainable): I will remember about my goals and make sure that I accomplish them.

R (realistic): I will remind myself by putting the sheet on my refrigerator, and telling my parents to remind me.

T (timely):  If I practice and improve my comma splice problem every other day I will be able to accomplish this goal.


LA-Work Habits Rubric-Hao-Kris


LA-Goals Presentation-Hao-Kris

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