Romeo and Juliet

Act One Scene One

The first scene starts off with Juliet’s servants from the Capulet side strolling through the markets wanting to start trouble. They spit in front of the Montague men and bite their thumbs, which in the olden times had symbolized putting up his middle finger. This led to their swords being withdrawn and a vicious duel to begin. Benvolio which was Romeo’s cousin (of the Montague) tried to stop the fighting, but unfortunately failed. They continued to fight while the market’s people watched the commotion and spread the word. After all of the family and friends from each side had come to battle, the prince of Verona arrived. He stopped the fighting and warned them that they would be killed or banished if they fight again. Romeo misses the commotion and his cousin asks him where he has been all day. Then Romeo spots the wounded people all around him and gets mad at his father for always thinking about hate.

Act One Scene Two

The second scene starts off with Juliet’s dad and a man named Paris walking up a flight of stairs. Paris is asking for Juliet’s hand in marriage but her dad says that shes too young, since she hasn’t even had her 14th birthday yet. But then her dad invites him to a feast for him to see her.

Act One Scene Three

Juliet’s nurse cheerfully calls her over, since her mom wanted to see her. But her nurse interupts their converstation and talks on and on about her childhood until her mother scolds her. Then her mother mentions marriage to Juliet. Juliet is doubtful but promises her mother and maid that she will talk and at least look out for Paris. Then they are reminded that the feast was starting and her mother rushes to greet the guests.

Act One Scene Four

Romeo and his friends head off in the streets venturing to the party, with masks and torches. Even though Romeo’s best friend Mercuito was very lively and excited, Romeo was sad knowing that the Rosaline didn’t love him back. He mourns that she was just a dream, and Mercuito laughs and mocks him saying that he had a “Queen Mab”. They then continue to go to the party but Romeo predicts that this night will end badly.

Act One Scene Five

Romeo arrives at the feast with his friends and everyone is dancing. He spots a beautiful girl not knowing her real identity. But then Juliet’s cousin spots him and tells her father that he was a Montague. His father shoos him away and continues on with his conversation. Romeo is entranced by her beauty and dances with her. This makes Juliet’s cousin even more angry and he reminds her father once again. He shoos him away once more, but her cousin still keeps an eye on him. Romeo secretly meets Juliet during a performance, and asks her for a kiss. The feast ends, and they both find out they are supposed to be rivals. They are sad knowing that they will be star crossed lovers.

Act Two Scene One

Romeo runs away from the feast, but they slowly catch up to him so he climbs up onto a tree. His drunken friends pass him since he was so high and he curiously jumps over someones fence into their backyard.

Act Two Scene Two

He walks a bit more and peeks through the trees. There he finds juliet at her balcony, gazing at the stars. She says, “Romeo, where art thou Romeo?” He comes out and yells that he was here. She is startled and hurries back, but he stops her. At first she is doubtful that he truly loves her or that he might be a imposter, but he shows her he is not by vowing. They kiss and then she mentions marriage, and they rejoice and kiss again. Her maid calls her and she hurries to plan out the time and place they were going to get married, and after lots of kissing and talking he finally leaves her awaiting for tomorrow.

Act Two Scene Three

Romeo finds Friar Laurence to marry him and Juliet, but the priest immediately refuses. Romeo had fell in love with Rosaline just a few days ago and now he is in love with Juliet? Marriage is a big thing and he wouldn’t accept. However, when walking up the stairs the priest saw Jesus on the cross and something changed in him. He agreed to marry them and Romeo rejoiced.

Act Two Scene Four

Tibolt and Mercuito are wondering where Romeo is, and find him downstairs. They are mad at him for leaving them yesterday but Romeo apologizes and states that he found his true love. They laugh and mock him, but then spot a lady with a long veil. They then mock her and say that she has a sail on her back. However, she walks up to them and asks for a young Romeo. They laugh at Romeo and she pulls him over. Mecruito plays with her veil and yanks it off, since he was a trouble maker. However, Romeo gets it back and they go in the church for a quiet place to talk. Juliet’s maid talks about the plan for their marriage and then say goodbye.

Act Two Scene Five

Juliet is  very anxious, waiting for the nurses message, but then the nurse comes back. She sends her assistant away then rushes her up the stairs. The nurse aches and doesn’t tell Juliet right away, but takes off her robe and hat. Juliet gets mad and demands an answer but the nurse just laughs. However, after more persuading she finally tells Juliet that Friar Laurence will meet them at the church to make her a wife. They rejoice and Juliet rushes to go see Romeo.

Act Two Scene Six

Romeo goes on and on about how much he loves Juliet and Friar Laurence tells him to love her moderately and not too much. But then Juliet arrives and they kiss, but the priest splits them apart and gets Juliet ready to get married. They kneel and pray then he opens the bible, and get married.

Act Three Scene One

Mercuito is walking in the square when he sees the Capulets. They ask for Romeo but Mercuito says that he will have to get through him first. Romeo comes joyfully but Tibolt asks for a duel. He refuses and shakes his hand, but Tibolt makes a big fuss about it and Mercuito gets mad. Tibolt and Mercuito duel and Tibolt stabs and kills Mercuito. Romeo gets extremely mad then runs to find Tibolt, and they duel. Romeo stabs Tibolt and he dies, and Romeo leaves in a daze.

Act Three Scene Two

Juliet’s nurse cries and tells Juliet, and they both mourn together. She gets mad at Romeo and herself for marrying a murderer but then regrets it and defends Romeo. Romeo is having a big tantrum and hating himself, and Friar Laurence tries to calm him down. Juliet’s nurse comes and Romeo tries to commit suicide, but thankfully the priest stops him. Romeo asks about Juliet and she tells him that she is fine. They meet up and spend the night together but then he leaves in the morning since he was banished from the kingdom.

Act Three Scene Three

Juliet is still mourning Romeo’s departure but her mother thinks that she is mourning about Tibolt. She wants her to be happy and proposes that she marry Paris. Juliet refuses and her mother goes to tell her father. He was outraged and storms into her room, and throws her on the ground. The nurse protects her but he demands Juliet to marry Paris, and if not she cannot live in her house. Juliet pleads to her mother and father, and they both disagree. She asks her nurse for advice and she says that she should just marry Paris, since Romeo was exiled anyway. Juliet pretends to agree and waits for the nurse to leave her room.

Act Four Scene One

Paris plans the marriage date with the priest and spots Juliet running to see him. He asks if she is asking God to forgive her sins and kisses her on the forehead then departs. She runs into the church and yells that she would rather die than marry him. The priest spots the flowers he was picking in the garden and has an idea. He tells Juliet to drink the liquid in the vile on Wednesday night alone, and she will be “dead” ro 48 hours. Her heart won’t beat and her skin will be cold as ice. However, he will send a letter to Romeo telling  him that she wasn’t really dead. He will see her again when she wakes up and they will run off together. Juliet rejoices, takes the vile and flees back home awaiting her “death”.

Act Four Scene Two

Juliet runs home to tell her father that she is sorry and that she will marry Paris. He is rejoiced and moves the wedding to Wednesday, not knowing that she was lying. She apologizes to her mother and nurse but that night she drinks the poison from the vile and falls asleep. Even though she was afraid she did it for love, and especially Romeo.

Act Four Scene Three

Juliet’s nurse finds her in her room and cries out to her mother and father. She yells out that she is dead, and they all mourn and are covered in grief. A funeral for Juliet is held and Romeo’s servant Balthasar watches it happen. He takes his horse to find Romeo in Manuta and passes the priests’ monk with the letter to Romeo.

Act Five Scene One

Balthasar rushes to find Romeo and tells Romeo about Juliet’s “death”. Romeo is depressed and very mad, and rushes to find his horse. He rides to Juliet’s grave and his servant and horses leave.

Act Five Scene Two

Romeo uses a rock to break into the grave and rushes down the stairs. He finds Juliet’s “corpes” and cries deeply thinking his true love is “dead”. He then spots Tibolt next to her and mourns even more for killing such an “innocent” soul. Then he takes the poison and dies next to Juliet’s grave. Friar Laurence goes to visit Juliet’s grave and spots Romeo’s servant there. He then rushes to find him and sees him dead next to her grave. He weeps and Juliet wakes up, and he tries to rush her away. However, she sees Romeo dead on the floor and finds out what happened. Friar Laurence runs away hearing guards coming and Juliet decides to kill herself. She takes Romeo’s dagger and stabs her heart, and dies next to him. Their bodies are taken to the prince, where he scolds the Capulets and Montagues telling them that it was their fault that their beloved family was dead.


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